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Partisans are underpowered

20 May 2020, 19:24 PM
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The only thing they need is better scaling.
Base stats are fine, but there is no reward for keeping them alife.

I also Agree that partisans should scale better but i think that squad preservation is overrated and in this case in particular partisans should not have the benefit of it.

Quite paradoxical, i know.
20 May 2020, 19:47 PM
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I also Agree that partisans should scale better but i think that squad preservation is overrated and in this case in particular partisans should not have the benefit of it.

Quite paradoxical, i know.

What you've said makes absolutely no sense.
21 May 2020, 03:03 AM
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I think partisans should get some combat buffs and the Stormtrooper treatment, as Stormtroopers are decently balanced and very useful, unlike the current implementation of Partizans which are kind of useless.

To accompany these buffs, I suggest that their name should be changed from “partizans” to “irregulars”, as it will make a lot more sense thematically as to why they are on the front line, and better represent how many of the “partizans” had been in the red army and had military experience.

Just my 2 cents
21 May 2020, 11:07 AM
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I dont get why people have a problem with them.

You lay a mine, infantry run into mine, You fight a 2 man squad.

He tries to clear your mines, partyzan trows a nade on the mine and boom its gone
21 May 2020, 21:59 PM
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I'd recommend changing their ambush bonus to work like Fallschirmjaeger: 25% by default, 50% at vet 2.

If they need more, we could add some RA or reinforce cost to their vet 2 or 3.
22 May 2020, 05:17 AM
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Hello all, just wanted to chip in on the conversation!

As a big fan of the Partisan Tactics, I am glad people are putting more thought into the commander. However, I do hold the opinion that the tactics is fine for how it is. Any improvements I've seen mentioned (better scaling, more RA, extra models for partisan squads) are all nice to have, but I feel like betrays the main theme of the tactics. Partisans squads are not meant to function like main line infantry and I would rather any improvements aim towards alternative perks.

I won't prattle on about how you should use them, but rather direct an observation I made. Any real reason they feel weak is because a certain change to them resulted in them losing the ability to counter the very things they're meant to be extremely effective at removing.

Some patches ago, Partisan squads were all nerfed with the cooldown on spawn for all grenades. Which while reasonable, also neuters their surprise factor. AI Partisans with PPSh alone will not be able to clear out weapon crews fast enough, AT Partisans would likely fire one rocket before a vehicle gets away. Now while I don't think removing cooldown on spawn is great for the AT partisans, I am all for it for the AI partisans. Without the grenades on spawn (especially against units in buildings), they hold fairly low shock factor, and I find myself more often spawning them outside of combat to plant mines and stalk.

And that is the other factor I thought would do better worked on. Planting mines is one of the reasons why I love commanders that have them. They provide a great deal of help in securing flanks, and AT-Partisans with a land mine and good cover will even contest a medium tank. AI Partisan, on the other hand, still feel somewhat unreliable even with the advantage of ambush. Therefore, I think a bandaid solution would be adding the anti infantry land mine to their arsenal. That, or some kind of ability that would improve their ability to protect flanks. I don't know the answer to this one. Maybe giving them an ability similar to forced retreat, since it could be like them scaring off infantry with a surprise ambush?
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