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Bazookas disappear when picked up by specific elite infantry

22 Mar 2020, 21:39 PM
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Bazookas picked up by Obersoldaten, Commandos, Airlanding Officer or Airborne Guards disappear. They are not added to the squad's inventory, no item slots are taken. The Bazookas simply vanish and are no longer in the game in any shape or form.

Reason: Bazookas, both from weapon rack and dropped on the ground, have 2 requirement actions in their on_pickup_actions to decide whether a squad receives regular Bazooka or the "Bazooka Experts" variant that's unique to USF elite infantry. If the squad's loadout contains an entity with "aef_paratroopers" unit type, they receive the super Bazooka. If the squad's loadout does not contain an entity with "lmg_user_fires_on_the_move" unit type, they receive the regular variant.

Problem happens when a squad doesn't have "aef_paratroopers" unit type, but DOES have the "lmg_user_fires_on_the_move" unit type. They don't fulfil either requirement, so they get nothing. The 4 squads mentioned above are in that exact situation.

Solution: the first requirement action is correct, but the second one should check whether the squad does not have "aef_paratroopers" unit type, not "lmg_user_fires_on_the_move". Simple fix, I can provide mod solution if needed.

Fun fact: the new Assault Officer squad from the Winter Balance Preview is not affected by this bug, because it no longer has commandos entities in its loadout, which possess "lmg_user_fires_on_the_move" unit type.
22 Mar 2020, 21:51 PM
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well, thats quite a good catch :clap:

22 Mar 2020, 22:08 PM
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22 Mar 2020, 23:15 PM
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23 Mar 2020, 07:10 AM
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