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Pioneer and Combat Engineer Vet 3 bug

18 Mar 2020, 20:16 PM
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The Pioneer and Combat Engineer vet 3 damage reduction while repairing does not function.

In soviet_repair_ability_mp, the received accuracy and damage multipliers need a requirement action to remove them at vet 3. A working version of this can be seen in west_german_repair_ability_mp.

Assault Engineers also use soviet_repair_ability_mp, but are not supposed to lose their damage penalty at vet 3. They will have to use a cloned version of the ability if this is fixed.

Changing this will probably have a balance impact; fix with caution.

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18 Mar 2020, 20:33 PM
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Changing this will probably have a balance impact; fix with caution.

What balance impact?
You've found a bug, which results in a unit performing certain task at much higher risk then it should - it should be fixed, no caution is needed other then not messing up something else.
18 Mar 2020, 20:47 PM
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Fair point. I'm probably overestimating how often it would be relevant.
18 Mar 2020, 21:14 PM
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