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The King Tiger currently locks out the Sturmtiger and Command Panther (and vice versa). Should it?
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Should UKF have the current buildable medics, or base automatrons like other factions?
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Should USF Rifleman snares lose their veterancy requirement after Major tech?
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Should mortar smoke be a sustained effect? (Fires until cancelled, then goes on cooldown)
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Should the Cromwell be buffed to a 125 FU unit?
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If the Cromwell isn't buffed, should it be cheaper?
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Should the OKW Tiger I be able to use Grand Offensive's Tiger Commander?
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Should the Assault Officer's Gammon Bomb require UKF's Mills Bomb grenade sidtech?
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22 Feb 2020, 16:37 PM
avatar of Lago

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I've had a trawl through the last few weeks of Balance Forum and picked out a bunch of fairly straightforward suggestions I thought warranted further discussion. I don't personally agree with all of them, but I think they all have merit.

Second part: https://www.coh2.org/topic/104052/balance-forum-general-poll-ii
Third part: https://www.coh2.org/topic/104058/general-forums-poll-on-balance-changes-part-iii
22 Feb 2020, 16:40 PM
avatar of mrgame2

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It should lock out both.
Buildable medics.
No, they're fine at Vet 1.
Yes, it should be
Yes, with improved anti-infantry ability
22 Feb 2020, 16:49 PM
avatar of Stormjäger

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Make a part 2

Panther accuracy buff
Pack Howie slight AoE nerf
Tiger reverting some of the nerfs
Pershing nerf
OKW state
22 Feb 2020, 17:02 PM
avatar of DerbyHat

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I feel mortar smoke should not share cooldown with the normal barrage, but I don't think that's what's implied with the sustained fire option, so voted no.
23 Feb 2020, 00:06 AM
avatar of BeastHunter

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I think it might lead to troubles in some teamgames if the King tiger and other heavies show up, especially when those get backed by elefants or jagdtigers, otherwise they have weakpoints and are reasonable and counterable.
BUT they arecurrently not very desirable maybe if the increased sightline gets added to the command panther it might be a better choice even if all tiers have been teched or if it could stay available after the schwer hq has once been teched but got destroyed.
The Sturmtiger needs some changes currently it often feels less effective then the avre (unless the rocket directly hits a severely missmanaged vehicle) and only has the supression as advantage. (on the side the friendly fire of the unit seems to be effected in a bigger radius or with quite different damage modifiers then the damage against enemy units)
23 Feb 2020, 00:39 AM
avatar of Doomlord52

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1. Lock out command panther, not ST. The ST is a joke anyway, no reason to make it worse. Command Panther + KT would be a bit too much, though.

2. Base automatons. Mobile free healing shouldn't be a thing. If its mobile, it should cost a ton, or be per-use, like the USF Ambulance or Ost/OKW healing.

3. Lose vet Req, but more expensive. This is the best way to start, imo. If it needs a further buff, just make vet 0 cost the same.

4. Fire until cancelled. Just make it a separate 'attack ground' ability. We have HE attack ground, so why not smoke attack ground?

5. Yes, with better AT. The Cromm could use a buff, but not in AI; it has absurd crushing power, which should count as AI.

6. No, crom shouldn't be cheaper.

7. No, that's just too much on a single unit.

8. If a faction has grenade tech (or lockouts), it needs to apply to all non-doc infantry.
24 Feb 2020, 03:49 AM
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Mortars aren’t very good in the current patch. The smoke comes very slow, they have low lethality and area denial, and are extremely vulnerable to rocket artillery. Buffs lead to the same problems as the pack howie, but in their current state they suck.
24 Feb 2020, 03:50 AM
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About ST,why not give stormtiger passive and active grenade like comet
24 Feb 2020, 05:30 AM
avatar of SkysTheLimit

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Making mortar smoke faster in general would be nice. Idk if the toggle is the best way to do that, but it could use some kind of change
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