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Anyone know what causes the Zis Gun bug?

14 Feb 2020, 15:57 PM
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I see the zis gun bug in streams is sort of the exception for most people, it happens somewhat often, but it's not the rule. If I build a Zis gun, it will become bugged 100% of the time. Every single time I make a Zis gun, sometime during the match, it will become unresponsive. Does RAM have anything to do with this? I never saw this on a computer with higher RAM, the computer I am playing on now (as of 2 weeks ago) has much less RAM.

This has me thinking about extraneous factors effecting game play, I guess it's tin foil hat but I'm fairly convinced that outside factors, I don't know what, perhaps something with computer specs or internet speed discrepancy can effect outcomes in the game?

Some people never have an issue where a unit is sent out from their base, but only one model moves, the others stay in base, some people see this behavior nearly every game, or frequency of Zis gun bug occurances, I have a from what I understand unique bug with sturmpioneers, which if htey are in the vicinity of a demo charge, they will become stuck on it. I can move the unit away from the demo, but they will automatically go back to stand right on top of it, I cannot even retreat the unit once it becomes stuck on the demo.

In the case of one model moving out of base while the others stay put, wouldn't this show that models in cover are not necessarily performing optimally from what you input? Like if you drag click them to cover, some are going to not be in cover or lag to move to cover in the same way that they lag to move to a way point. This would cause the person having these issues to have a disadvantage in gameplay.

If all this sort of stuff happens, and there is discrepancy in players who have bugs like this and those who rarely see them, wouldn't it be entirely possible there are more unforseen discrepancies, perhaps with accuracy, penetration? I have seen behavior that should be basically impossible (or extremely low chance), such as 2x USF 57mm with sabot activated hitting a tiger at medium range, but bouncing every shot for 8 shots...EIGHT, this should have a possibility of like 0.0000001% but it happens.

Anyone with ins and outs of game programming know what sort of gameplay effects discrepancy in things like hardware or internet connection can produce?
14 Feb 2020, 18:10 PM
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Don't cancel your zis barrages mid barrage. That seems to cause one of the many bugs with the gun.
14 Feb 2020, 18:36 PM
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Don't cancel your zis barrages mid barrage. That seems to cause one of the many bugs with the gun.

Maybe it would be better if one did not have the option to cancel it?
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