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CondemnationWings is the new King

CondemnationWings is the man to beat. Not only did he win the Langreskaya 1v1 Tourney, but he also won the Semoskiy 1v1 Tourney a month later. Can anybody stop him? We'll have to wait for the next event to find out. In the meantime, COH2.ORG got some small tidbits of information from this break-out sensation. His mother tongue is Korean, so please excuse the brevity.

COH2.ORG: What do you do for work or study?

CondemnationWings: I attend the university and majoring in Safety Engineering.

COH2.ORG: What plans do you have for the future?

CondemnationWings: I'll go to the army in next year.

COH2.ORG: How long have you been playing games in the Company of Heroes franchise?

CondemnationWings: I've been playing CoH when the CoH : OF came out.

COH2.ORG: What other games have you played?

CondemnationWings: I've been play C&C Series. etc

COH2.ORG: What do you like about Company of Heroes 2?

CondemnationWings: I like this game in itself.

COH2.ORG: What do you not like about it?

CondemnationWings: nothing. but I wanna observer.

COH2.ORG: How do you like the latest patch in regards to balance?

CondemnationWings: It's quite good now I think. but
1. Railway Artillery need buff.
2. Eelfant need 'hold fire'.
3. Assult Grenadier need nerf.
4. and need observer system :)

COH2.ORG: What was your favorite moment of the two tournaments?

CondemnationWings: when vs Sage, use blitzkrieg p4s to destroy su85.

COH2.ORG: Which opponent was the most difficult and why?

CondemnationWings: Sage and Barton.

COH2.ORG: Now that you've won 2 copies of the Company of Heroes 2 DCE, what will you do with them?

CondemnationWings: I'll give it to my friends.

COH2.ORG: Last question, what is your favorite food?

CondemnationWings: I like apple :)

There you have it, short and sweet. If you have the misfortune of loading in against CondemnationWings in Automatch, you better bring your A-game, or prepare to be dismantled!
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