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3 Oct 2013, 20:08 PM
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I'm just checking in on the status of coh2 after a few months. My rapid response is that the skill cap must be higher than I originally thought. It takes the success of a player like HQmul for me to come to that conclusion. Good news.
3 Oct 2013, 20:13 PM
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Oh god, these answers, is this even worth posting on the front page?

He could try harder I guess.
3 Oct 2013, 20:16 PM
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xD congratz
3 Oct 2013, 20:23 PM
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"Which opponent was the most difficult and why? -Sage"

i laughed hard on this :D
3 Oct 2013, 20:32 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post3 Oct 2013, 20:23 PMakosi
"Which opponent was the most difficult and why? -Sage"

i laughed hard on this :D

If you looked at there game where sage played soviets you will see that sage had him early by killing off his flamer ht but didn't finish him off and condemnation was able to bring it back, had he changed some stuff he would have crushed him.
3 Oct 2013, 21:07 PM
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i really hate pointing bad stuff. but gdamm that inverview was bad. not asking favorite army? favorite unit? thoughts on the tourney. why you think you won why the others lost. i think i should stop now.
3 Oct 2013, 21:13 PM
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What about kv8 nerf? It is just ridiculous
3 Oct 2013, 21:27 PM
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Man of few words but many on the bettlefield!
3 Oct 2013, 22:14 PM
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What the fuck ?


Why interview him ? rofl

He have nothing special lol

Interview all good players if you want rofl

Go interview 100-200 rank players go go Amiplizeitung

3 Oct 2013, 23:10 PM
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4 Oct 2013, 02:20 AM
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Ignore the haters, this interview is unironically amazing. It reminds me of ZeroCrack from vCoH. People who don't speak enough English to write huge replies or are otherwise laconic make for hilarious interviews I think.
4 Oct 2013, 05:36 AM
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Just ask KoreanArmy (or any other Korean speaking guy, I bet there are some out here) to make part 2 interview with Condemnation in Korean. Translating into English would be the hardest part, but I guess KoreanArmy (accompanied by Google Translator) will find enough strenght to do this ;)
4 Oct 2013, 08:27 AM
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- "I like apple"

- "All right, you're a great champ"

On topic, ggwp.
4 Oct 2013, 11:14 AM
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He lost to Hans on Moscow outskirts in 5 min. How he is champ?
4 Oct 2013, 14:54 PM
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He lost to Hans on Moscow outskirts in 5 min. How he is champ?

with all do respect, Hans should play the tournaments.
9 Oct 2013, 15:51 PM
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Regardless of the short answers i enjoyed the interview. Good to see some Asian blood in COH2's veins.
11 Oct 2013, 11:13 AM
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Although the interview was very short, I honor him that he deserves to get this award.
14 Oct 2013, 14:49 PM
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Haters gonna hate.
18 Jan 2014, 00:37 AM
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i like that kind of interview, short and nice and everything is said.
CondemnationWings, which c&c games u played?
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