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CoH2 2v2 Map-Making Contest


COH2’s 2v2 Map Making Contest

Ever wanted the chance to get your map added to the automatch pool in COH2? Here is your chance! Relic is teaming up with members of the community to help reward the hard work COH2’s map makers put into COH2 day-in and day-out.

Introducing, COH2’s 2v2 Map Making Contest. Map makers in the community will be able to create and submit their best 2v2 map for their chance to win some fantastic prizes, including some great new hardware for their PC, plus the chance to have their map added to COH2’s 2v2 automatch map pool.

How it Works

In the first half of this two part contest, we will be giving community map makers 8 weeks to prepare a map for a curation process existing of 5 rounds of review and iteration. During this process, each submission will be tested and given feedback from a team of strategists, including top players from the community. Each map maker is eligible to submit 1 map for each visual category (Urban, Rural, and Industrial). See below for more info on the curation process.

Map Submission Guidelines

Each submitted map will be judged on the following guidelines. Please note that these are merely guidelines, so creativity and non-standard maps will still be reviewed and have feedback given accordingly.

  • The submitted map must be newly created by you (i.e. not already on the Steam Workshop
  • The map you work on is original and not a copy of someone else's work.
  • To avoid bias and/or favoritism, we ask that your map remains anonymous until after the curtain process (see below) is completed.
  • Maps must be designed for competitive multiplayer.
  • Maps must be fully playable (no crashes)
  • Maps must be designed for a Victory Point win condition.
  • Maps must be designed for 2v2 (4 players).
  • Maps must fit under one of the 3 visual categories (Urban, Rural, and Industrial).
  • Maps must follow a equally balanced design for both teams - i.e. equal distance to fuel points, VP, Munitions, etc. from base for both teams.
  • Maps must attempt to limit pathing issues as much as possible.
  • Maps must be visually appealing.
  • When submitting a map for review, the map maker must remove any markings or mention that associates the map to their identity. This includes but is not limited to the map loading/splash screen and mod files. These files may be changed/added back in when the map is being submit for Final Review.
  • Streaming or posting the map for submission on Twitch, forums or social media is prohibited. Except if a map maker streams all or multiple contest maps while remaining anonymous and non-bias (judging, describing, and giving feedback on them equally) regarding which map may be theirs.

Submission Process
When your map is ready to go, submit the following information to mapcontest@relic.com
  • Map Name
  • Compressed (.zip) SGB files
  • Visual Category
  • Coh2.org and/or Relic forum profile
  • Steam ID
  • Subject line: [ROUND #] 2v2 Map Making Contest - [Insert Map Name]

All maps must be submitted by August 3rd, 2017 to be eligible for the Curation Process.

Curation Process

Round 1 - First Review (7 Days)
After the submission period has ended, the team of community strategist/judges will go through all submitted maps and filter out the maps that don’t meet the bare minimum requirements based on the Map Submission Guidelines. At this stage, you will be notified if your map has been accepted into the contest or not.

If your map has been accepted, it will automatically be added into Round 2 of the process.

Round 2 - First Iteration (14 Days)
To avoid bias and/or favoritism, all accepted maps will be uploaded to the Steam Workshop via Relic’s Content Creator account and will be available as a Collection for players to subscribe and test. A Map Feedback thread will also be created for each accepted map in COH2’s official forums where players can give feedback to allow the creators to take notes, make adjustments and iterate on their map.

At this time, both map judges/strategists and the community may offer feedback to the map makers via the dedicated forum threads.

Round 3 - Second Review (7 Days)
At the end of Round 2, map makers will be required to submit their updated maps for a 2nd review period. At this stage, a Relic map designer will pick the top 5 maps in each visual category. After selected, these maps will go through one final iteration period based on community and Relic feedback before final judgment is made and the winning maps are announced.

When submitting, map makers are required to update the subject line of their submission email to: [ROUND 3] 2v2 Map Making Contest - [Insert Map Name]

Upon completion of the Round 3, the advancing map makers will be notified and there maps will automatically advance to Round 4.

Round 4 - Final Iteration (14 days)
The top 5 maps in each visual category will go through the same steps outlined in Round 2, allowing map makers to collect feedback and complete any final iterations on their maps. At the end of this period, the maps will be submitted for final review.

When submitting for Final Review, map makers are required to update the subject line of their submission email to: [ROUND 5] 2v2 Map Making Contest - [Insert Map Name]

Round 5 – Final Review (5 days)
In the Final Review round, maps will be judged based on a weighting system in order to pick the winners. See the Picking the Winners section below for more information.

Picking the Winners

The map that receives the most total points overall will be named the Grand Prize Winner of the competition. In addition, maps will also be ranked by total points for each visual category and will qualify for additional prizing as well. For more information on what’s up for grabs, check out the Prizes section below.

Community Vote (10 pts)
The community as a whole will be able to vote on their favorite maps. The maps with the most votes in each visual category will be awarded 10 points each.

Relic Judge (10 pts)
The Relic map designer will pick his/her favorite map in each visual category. Each map selected will earn 10 points.

Strategists’ Picks (10 pts)
Each community strategist/judge will cast their vote for their favorite map in each visual category. The maps that receive the most strategist votes will receive 10 points.

Tournament Finalist Vote (20 points)
Players from the top 8 teams in the 2v2 Map Tournament (see below) will vote on their favorite competitive maps from each visual category. The maps with the most votes in each visual category will receive 20 points each.

2v2 Community Map Tournament

The top 3 maps that have the most points from each visual category will form a map pool for an exhibition 2v2 tournament. Players from the top 8 teams will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite map for each visual category after the tournament.

Map Contest Schedule

  • June 29th - Contest begins
  • August 3rd - Contest submission closes (No new entries accepted beyond this point) - 1st Submission Deadline
  • August 4th- Round 1 (First Review) begins
  • August 10th - Round 2 (First Iteration) begins
  • August 24th - Round 2 ends - 2nd Submission Deadline
  • August 25th - Round 3 (Second Review) begins
  • September 1st - Round 4 (Final Iteration) begins
  • September 15th - Round 4 ends - Final Submission Deadline
  • September 18th - Round 5 (Final Review) begins
  • September 22nd - Round 5 ends
  • September 25th - Picking the Winners process begins


Your map will be submitted for consideration to be integrated into automatch rotation, however, there is no guarantee that it will be added. Relic will be the final arbiter on this aspect of the contest.

Grand Prize Winner
The Grand Prize Winner will win a hardware package (provided by Relic) including:
Please note that the prize mentioned above is for one person and one person only. In the event a map is created in collaboration with more than one person, it is the responsibility of said persons to determine how the prizes will be distributed.

The grand winner will also receive top consideration for having their map integrated into the 2v2 automatch map pool.

Visual Category Winners
1st place for each visual category will each receive:
  • 1 x copy of Dawn of War III Collector’s Edition
  • 50k Supply (in-game currency)
  • Official Map Maker Faceplate

The visual category winners will also receive top consideration for having their map integrated into the 2v2 automatch map pool.

Tournament Winners
Top 3 maps for each visual category will be featured in a 2v2 Community Map tournament. Prizes for the winners of this tournament is as follows:
  • 1st Place Team: 50k Supply
  • 2nd Place Team: 25k Supply
  • 3rd Place Team: 10k Supply


Concerns? Questions? Something unclear? Please email Relic at mapcontest@relic.com
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