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ESL Go4CoH2 Statistics, Part IV: Players

Do you have top-notch micro and an awesome knowledge of game mechanics? If only you could anticipate the game plan of these top players. Are you are a big fan of Jove or VonIvan and want to emulate their style of play? Or, perhaps, do you work for ESPN and need some random player statistics for the next CoH2 program? Then, this is for you!

For everybody else: Print out this page, get your scissors and make your own Top Trump-esque card pack, CoH2 edition.

The previous parts of the ESL Go4CoH2 statistics series examined factions, maps and commanders as averages over all games in the database. This part looks at the individual choices of the players. These differ significantly. Apparently, there is not an optimal strategy but instead different ways of playing the game at a high level.

Before discussing the individual players in more detail, the first sections provide an overview over the data.

The Data

Most of the tables here are based on the same data set used in the previous articles. These are gathered for all the Best of Three rounds from all 32 ESL Go4Coh2 cups. Since the last article, three more games have been added, for a total of 467 games. About 20% of games played in the series was excluded, due to missing replays. More details can be found here.

This post will cover the 16 players for which the most games are in the database. The order of players in the table is according to the number of games on record. They account for about 85% of games in the data base.

The table above shows the results for all players across the 32 cups. Initially, it was possible to compete both in the EU and NA editions, with Luvnest winning both editions of the January monthly cup. This was changed starting with cups #6.

In total there are nine players in the table that won at least one of the cups: Luvnest, Noggano, VonIvan, Shadowwada, Paul.a.D., BartonPL, Jove, HelpingHans and DevM. SpaceHamster - winner of NA cups #2 and #3 - is not included because only 16 of his games are on record.

This table shows the number of games played by each player, split into the categories “games in database” (the rest of the tables in this post will use only the games in this category), games from the Best of Three rounds (quarterfinals and up); for which no further data is available, and games from earlier rounds.

Disclaimer: Unplayed games, e.g. because one played forfeited, have been omitted. In several cases they are unmarked, so there is a margin of error there. Also, putting the data together is mostly a manual process of going through the brackets. While some consistency checks have been carried out, there is no guarantee that the numbers are 100% accurate.

Some tables have an additional column showing average values. These are averages taken over all 467 games, not just the average of the 16 players in the table. Checking the data for each player, and breaking it up even more over e.g. maps often results in small sample sizes, so in particular win percentages have to be taken with a grain of salt.


The next table shows how often the players picked each faction. The percentages are relative to how often they played on either the Axis or Allies side. So the sum of all Axis picks (and likewise Allies picks) add up to 100%, bar rounding errors.

The differences in personal preference are quite obvious, even when comparing the two players with the most cup wins, Luvnest and Jove. While Jove used all Allied factions about equally often and shows some preference of OKW over OH, Luvnest used almost exclusively SOV when playing Allies and favored OH over OKW by a significant margin.

Most players ignored USF and/or UKF almost completely. Others used them more often than SOV.

The table above shows the win percentage per faction and player. Percentages for less than five samples are omitted.

Another potentially interesting piece of information is how the players did when playing against certain factions. This is shown in the next table. Again, percentages for cases with less than five samples are omitted.


The next tables show the player’s preference in terms of maps. Note that, for most rounds, a veto system was used. This means that players could not nominate their favorite map but instead the map was chosen by what both players opposed the least.

The percentages indicate that Faymonville Approach, overall the most played map, is not Jove’s favorite, while Jesulin seems to dislike Kholodny Ferma, which is the second most played map on average.

The table above shows the win percentages per map and player. This table is less chaotic than the previous ones, but still most players have either a map on which they are doing poorly or very good.


The following tables show how often the more popular doctrines have been picked by the players. There is no sample sized threshold here (although there had to be at least one sample, obviously). Instead, the sample sizes are noted in the lowermost row.

Overall the tables show that commander choices seem to be based to a high degree on personal preference. Even the most commonly picked commanders for each faction are ignored by at least two players.


This section discusses each player in more detail. The players appear in no particular order. The category “Most used cmdr.” shows the most used commander for the most used faction, according to the percentages in the tables shown in the previous sections.

The statements in the discussion below refer to the values shown earlier. In particular this means that any comparison is relative to other players listed here only and also only based on games for which replays etc. where available.

Luvnest dominated the first third of the Go4CoH2 series. He won most cups overall, including the EU and NA edition of the January monthly cups. However, he only managed to win one further cup (EU#11) after Jove entered the competition from cups #5 onwards, often finishing in second place.

Luvnest almost exclusively played Soviets when playing on the allied side and predominantly picked OH over OKW for Axis. With all three factions, he enjoyed win percentages of 70% and more. He also achieved the highest win rates of all players versus OH, USF and (tied with Jove) SOV, while struggling somewhat against UKF.

In terms of maps, he seems to dislike Angoville and Langreskaya, also exhibiting the weakest personal win percentage on the latter.

His favorite commanders for OH were Mobile Defense, Osttruppen and German Mechanized, using them about equally as often. For OKW his preferred doctrine was Special Operations. The favorite commander for SOV was Armored Assault, but otherwise he used a wide selection of Soviet tactics.

Jesulin finished second in most of the earlier cups. He enjoys the highest win ratio of all players that did not win a cup, surpassing even the ratios for two players that did.

With the start of the series he picked USF almost exclusively when playing Allies. Later, however, he shifted to the other Allied factions, mostly SOV. Averaged over all cups he used WFA and EFA factions equally as often. In terms of win percentages he was most successful with USF and OKW, winning only 38% of the matches when playing OH. He also was more successful playing against OKW (73%), while winning only 44% of the games vs. UKF.

His favorite map was Faymonville Approach on which he played 43% of his games, the highest percentage of all players. On the other hand he played the least amount of matches – relatively speaking - on the overall second most popular map, Kholodny Ferma.

His choice of OH commanders was similar to that of Luvnest, with a stronger emphasis on the Osttruppen Doctrine. For OKW he preferred Luftwaffe Ground Forces (LGF). For SOV the choice was mostly either Armored Assault or Shock Rifle Frontline (SRF) Tactics. In most games with USF he employed Tactical Support Company (TSC).

BartonPL was the first ever winner of a Go4CoH2 cup. In the following cups, however, he was less successful, typically competing for third place. From cup #6 onwards he reached quarterfinals at best.

He played mostly OH and SOV, even though his win percentages with OH are comparably low. He was rather successful playing against OH, with win rates versus the other factions being very similar.

In terms of maps, he mostly played on Faymonville Approach, Langreskaya and Angoville. While he was very successful on Faymonville Approach, he exhibits the lowest win rate on Langreskaya across all players and the second lowest for Crossing.

BartonPLs favorite OH commander was Mobile Defense, but he used all six top doctrines for that faction. BartonPLs favorite SOV tactic is Land Lease, but he also used "other" tactics, namely Advanced Warfare, Mechanized Support and Guard Rifle Combined.

DevM participated in only nine cups, the least amount for any of the players in the table. He is also the least consistent in that he managed to win two of those, while not even reaching the quarterfinals in four other cups. Still, his overall win rate is the fourth highest.

The defeats in the earlier rounds are partially explained by his late entry into the series and the resulting low ranking in the seeding table, causing him to lose versus HelpingHans (twice), CaptainSPrice and VonIvan in the early Best of One rounds.

As Axis, DevM almost exclusively played OH, while favoring USF over SOV as allied faction. Likewise, he achieved the highest OH win percentage of all players and almost the highest when playing USF. He did well playing against all factions, while achieving the second highest win percentage against UKF.

The games where split more evenly between all maps than for any other player with only 15% difference between the least and most often played map. He managed to win all six games on Crossing in the Woods.

His favorite OH doctrines were Mobile Defense and Lightning War with Mechanized Assault being already a distant third. By far the most picked USF commander was Armor Company.

Noggano participated in 17 cups. He finished in third place eight times but also managed to win the finals of EU#5 and EU#12 versus Jove and Luvnest, respectively.

He is one of the few players that favored OKW over OH on the Axis side. His most played allied faction was SOV. His win percentages are comparably similar for all EFA and WFA factions. He did well playing against both Axis factions and reached the second highest win rate versus USF. His win percentage against SOV, however, is one of the lowest across the listed players.

Noggano played predominantly on the four most popular maps. He played more games on Arnhem Checkpoint than any other player. He achieved high win percentages on all maps, except for Kholodny Ferma, were he exhibits almost the worst win percentage.

He used a wide selection of OH commanders, with Mobile Defense being used most commonly. For OKW he preferred Spec. Ops. and Scavenge over LGF. For SOV he predominantly used SRF, significantly more than any other player both in absolute as well as relative terms. His favorite USF commander was Rifle Company.

VonIvan participated in more cups than any other player. Initially he struggled, often forced to retire before even reaching the quarter finals. This changed after winning his first cup with NA#6. He went on to win four more cups, including the NA edition of the February and March monthly cups making him the player winning the largest amount of prize money.

He played almost exclusively OH and SOV. No other player focused on only two factions this much. His win percentage with SOV reached an impressive 80%, significantly higher than what any other player achieved with any faction. He managed to win ten out of ten games against OKW. His OH results are about average. He won only three out of nine games versus USF.

VonIvan played most games on Kholodny Ferma, while playing hardly any on Langreskaya, Arnhem Checkpoint or Crossing. He played more games on Angoville than any other player. He managed to get very high win percentages for all maps on which he played more frequently, achieving the highest win percentages across all players for Semoisky and Angoville as well as Arnhem Checkpoint (although the sample size for the latter is relatively small).

Mobile Defense was his OH doctrine of choice. VonIvan used it more often than any other player. The latter is also true for Elite Troops. For SOV, he picked predominantly Partisans, but he also played with NKVD, Advanced Warfare and Tank Hunter Tactics.

After entering the series in cup #5, Jove managed to win more than half of the cups that he participated in. He defeated the previously dominant Luvnest in four out of five rounds and otherwise only lost once to each of Noggano, CaptainSPrice, DevM and HelpingHans. With 80%, Jove enjoyed the highest overall win percentage.

Unlike most other players, he used all factions on a regular basis. His least played faction – OH – was still used in about 29% of games for its side, which is the highest value for a least played faction compared with the other players. Still, OKW was his faction of choice when playing Axis. He achieved the highest win rate for USF across all players and enjoyed high win rates for the other factions as well, with the exception of UKF. Also, he exhibits no obvious weakness against certain factions, with 56% against OH being the lowest win percentage.

Compared with other players Jove played the least amount of games on Faymonville Approach. On the other hand, he had the most games on Langreskaya and the second highest number of games on Crossing. He was most successful on Kholodny Ferma, winning 85% of games on this map.

Due to playing a considerable number of games with each faction, Jove overall used a large number of different commanders. Those included the more popular choices, but also less commonly used commanders like Infantry Company for USF. For SOV, his top choices were Guard Motor Coordinator, Soviet Industry and Lend Lease. He was also one of the few players to try out UKF’s Advanced Emplacement Regiment, albeit that did not go well.

After winning the ESL kick-off event, HelpingHans seemed like the guy to beat. However, after losing to Luvnest in the Round of 16 in EU#1 and then again in the finals of EU#2, he was forced out either in the Quarterfinals or finished in fourth place in the subsequent cups. Revenge came in the last monthly, winning against Luvnest in the finals after beating Talisman, Jove and Cruzz.

Fittingly, Hans – as the only Brit in our line-up of 16 – was the player to use UKF most commonly. While having a slightly higher win percentage with OH, he also was the most successful UKF player as well. His win percentage playing as OKW is the worst, though, winning only one out of eight games with this faction. He did well playing against OH and SOV, but was not overly successful against USF.

HelpingHans map preference is close to the average. He did very well on Langreskaya, tying Paul.a.D for best win rate there, but lost all seven matches on Crossing in the Woods.

Hans is one of two players which never picked Mobile Defense Doctrine when playing as OH. He mostly used Mechanized Assault, more often than any other player. He was also the main user of Mobile Assault Regiment, employing it in 10 out of 16 UKF matches.

A relatively unknown Talisman established himself quickly after repeatedly securing the fourth place in the EU cups. He even managed to claim two second places in cups #9 and the February Monthly, after defeating players like BartonPL, Luvnest and Noggano.

He favored OKW over OH. On allied side he played almost exclusively SOV. When playing OH, he commonly used the Osttruppen Doctrine. For OKW, his favorite doctrine was LGF which he used more often than any other player (in absolute terms). He was also the only player on record that tried out Firestorm and Overwatch Doctrines, although with no success. For SOV he tried a lot of different commanders, with GMC being his favorite.

Paul.a.D was very successfully in the series, winning four NA cups. He also managed to reach the finals in each of the NA monthly finals, but lost those to Luvnest (January) and VonIvan (February and March). Overall, he enjoyed the third highest win percentage.

Unfortunately, Paul.a.D did not upload replays, so statistics for him are only based on a little more than half of the games he actually played in Best of Three rounds. Thus, the resulting numbers are not overly reliable.

As Axis Paul almost exclusively played OH. He played all Allied factions to some extent with a focus on SOV, followed by UKF. His win percentage with OH is above average, SOV around average and slightly below average for UKF. He did manage to win all five games he played against UKF.

He played almost half of the games on Kholodny Ferma, about a third on Faymonville and most of the rest on Langreskaya, where he managed to win six out of seven games.

When playing OH he stuck to the most popular commanders, although he used the Blitzkrieg Doctrine twice. For SOV he almost exclusively played Armored Assault. Otherwise, he picked Partisans twice and Anti-Infantry Tactics once. He did not use any of the new USF commander in the four games with this faction on record. Instead he employed Armor and Rifle Company.

The breathing CoH2 Wikipedia, Cruzz was the most consistent player in that he finished in the Quarterfinals plus or minus one round in all cups that he participated in.

There is no game with USF on record for the Fin, but he split games evenly between the other four factions. He was most successful when playing UKF, in particular compared with his win rates for OKW and SOV. He did reasonably well playing against OKW, but poorly against SOV.

He played five games on Semoisky, which is the third highest number of games on this map after Luvnest and VonIvan.

In five out of eight games Cruzz played as OH he used Osttruppen, which results in the highest percentage for this doctrine relative to the other players. For Soviets he locked in a different commander in almost every game including more unusual choices like Advanced Warfare and Soviet Reserve Army, the latter being the only tactic he picked twice.

Initially RedxWings was not overly successful, but starting with NA#5 he made it at least to the quarterfinals in each cup that he entered and even finished in third place thrice.

He played all factions frequently, although on allied side he used UKF more than SOV or USF. His win percentages for both Axis factions are the fourth highest of all players. When playing Allies, however, win percentages were low, with being the least successful player with USF and UKF out of the 16. He did particularly well playing against USF.

He played mostly on Kholodny Ferma, and close to no games on Langreskaya, Arnhem Checkpoint or Semoisky. He managed to win four out of five games on Crossing in the Woods.

RedxWings is known to try out rather unusual strategies. For OH he used mostly German Mechanized, but also picked Encirclement once and Festung Armor twice, winning all three games. His most used OKW doctrine was Elite Armored, for SOV his favorite was Soviet Reserve Army. He was also the only player to use UKF’s Royal Artillery Regiment (thrice) and USF’s Airborne Company, losing all four games.

Dusty competed in all but one NA cups. He managed to secure the second place twice. Unfortunately, about a third of his replays are not available.

His main factions were OH and UKF on the Axis and allied side, respectively. However, he used the other factions as well. He achieved the best win percentage with USF, but was not able to succeed any of the five games against this faction.

His games-per-maps percentages are almost identical to those of RedxWings. However, he managed to secure relatively the most wins on Faymonville Approach.

In particular for OH and UKF, Dusty fielded a lot of different commanders. Apart from those listed in the tables, he used Blitzkrieg and Spearhead Doctrines (OH) as well as the Advanced Emplacement Regiment (UKF). His most used USF commander was Heavy Cavalry Company.

Momo4sho competed in only 11 cups. His best result was a second place in NA#7, but he reached the semifinals several times. He played all factions except for UKF.

He achieved a high win percentage with SOV, but did not fare that well with the two Axis factions. Likewise he was rather successful against OH, but less so against SOV.

Momo4sho played most games on Kholodny Ferma, relatively more games than any other player played on any map. He won only one out of six games on Faymonville Approach.

For OH, Momo4sho used mostly the Mobile Defense Doctrine. For OKW it was Scavenge and Elite Armored. His preferred SOV tactic was Armored Assault while the most picked USF company was Heavy Cavalry.

CaptainSPrice's best result was a second place in NA#2. During the series he managed to beat Jove, BartonPL and DevM.

His choice of factions was similar to that of HelpingHans or Dusty, playing with all five factions but mostly using OH and UKF. His win percentage with UKF is the second highest, while he did poorly with OH. Similarly, he was rather successful playing against OH but won only 8% of the games versus SOV.

CaptainSPrice played most of his games on Faymonville Approach, splitting the rest about equally across all other maps.

His most used OH doctrine was German Mechanized. Additionally, he used a large number of different doctrines for this faction. This includes Jaeger Armor Doctrine in three games, winning two of these. In all six UKF games, CaptainSPrice picked the Royal Engineer Regiment.

Shadowwada reached at least the semifinals in more than half of the cups that he participated in, and won NA#7 and #11.

He mostly used OH and USF, but also played SOV and – to a lesser extent – OKW. He achieved his highest win percentage with USF, and was above average with OH. However, he won only two of the 11 games he played as SOV. He did particularly well playing against USF, winning six out of eight games.

When playing as OH, Shadowwada used mostly the Mobile Defense Doctrine, followed by Mechanized Assault. His favorite SOV commander was Soviet Industries Tactics. For USF it was Tactical Support Company.
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