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12 Feb 2016, 16:31 PM
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I can only say: Rogers post +1000

I remember watching bridgers Tales of heroes back in the day, and it was obvious he loved the game and that every show had tons of preparation and time invested into it, yet it was also obvious he problably didn't recieve any money for the show and i wouldn't be suprised if bridger would even have refused to accept money from their viewers. It was by the community for the community kinda show.

The other person i can relate this thing to is Day9. Day9 did a DAILY 1h show for years for FREE because he loved sc2 and its community. Day9 could have at any point in time introduced a subscription program for his "pro play" dailies and im sure he would have made a fortune but he never did.

Thats why i love gaming because such generous persons with pure love for their respective games has always created and formed its communities. Thats why when you compare this to amis "time invested vs money income" argument to what other before and after him has done in his position... well it really comes off as greedy no matter how he tries to justify grabbing 50% of the prizepool and yet it's not good enough.

I could write a page-long list of events that I have organized and/or broadcasted for this franchise for no money at all, over the last 7 years. What a ludicrous criticism! Here's a brief summary:

About a dozen GR 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments for COH1
SNF Season 1
SNF Season 2
SNF Season 3 (I raised $800 in prizes, 100% of which went to the players)
SNF Season 4 (I raised $1,600 in prizes, 100% of which went to the players)
Our beta COH2 event
The Langreskaya and Semoskiy Tourneys
Months of ESL
Alienware Arena EU

So pls, just stop with this smear campaign. How quickly you all forget :facepalm:

Spajn, you seem to be bad at reading.
12 Feb 2016, 22:27 PM
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It's all about number of ppl interested in discipline/game. If there would be 50k football fans across world in total then I'm doubtful about existence of several leagues/championships etc.

And about Real/Barcelona. Unless you are from Spain I wonder if you ever saw/read anything about Spain teams not from Primera Division.

You obviously don't get sports and leagues in total.
Thanks and bye.
12 Feb 2016, 23:29 PM
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Kluge you literally can't go more than a few days without high horsing about how much you contributed. You came on late in the game in COH scene. You made a few news articles and did social media stuff, and mostly just chatted in twitch 8 hours a day. Get over yourself. At least half of the staff that came here from GR including Bud, Marcus, Hicksi, Remy, Ami, ntd, Purlictor, Pez, Tommy, Inverse, Twister, myself put in more work over our time on staff. I'm not even considering personal twitch streams or youtube channels. I mean logistical work; mentoring, tournies, anti-cheat, game feedback, map testing etc.
13 Feb 2016, 11:07 AM
19 Feb 2016, 12:03 PM
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Be sitting here trying to piece this togheter.
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