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July Patch

24 Jul 2015, 13:27 PM
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Infantry cant fire backwards in coh1 either, the firing arcs were about 180 degrees in coh1. When CoH2 first came out they were at about 90 degrees but that was adjusted to 180 around December 2013.

And after the release of WFA relic decided to revert that change for absolutely no reason. It's back to 90 degrees. Was reported, relic doesn't care :snfPeter:
29 Jul 2015, 08:46 AM
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Oh, hey, COH2. Wow, it’s been a while. You’re… You’re looking good. More balanced, you know? You’ve got some real variety going on. You just used to always be the same, stuck in a rut. But this… I’m liking it.

What, you wanna play? Oh man, I dunno… All those abusive arseholes you were heavily involved with really got me down. I mean there was Stuggie, t34-85, and let’s not forget about CAS! I swear I never saw you without them. What? They’re not a significant part of you anymore? Man, that’s a big change. Well, I’m definitely interested, I guess. I had a thing going with CS:GO, but she always wanted more from me. It’s like, I’m only a Master Guardian II, you know? I know my limits. I just can’t go any harder than that.

Alright, screw it. Let’s do this.

Hey, wow, is that an le.ig, or are you just happy to see me? I barely knew those things even existed… Wait, *double* le.ig?!? Damn, you are just into all sorts of kinky new stuff! And I just can’t tell what you’re gonna do next without those building splats!

Oh god, here comes a rifle flame blob. Now it’s over. What are we- Wait, you *suppressed* it? Hey, you can even *aim* that garrisoned MG? Man, where do the surprises end?! What’s next, Panzer IV’s and Sturmtigers being useful as OKW? Hahah- …oly shit…
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