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The Angry Dutchman's Themed Commander 1v1 Tournament

Hello folks, it is time for another tournament organized by The Angry Dutchman! This time I’ve got something special for you. I have been working with a great modder named Stoklomolvi which some of you might know from his work on the Spearhead mod. Together we have created TAD’s tournament MOD. With permission from Miragefla we were able to start the mod with the Tournament Mod (gets rid of high impact RNG events such as abandons) as a base. Upon this base we have designed 3 Commanders for each faction where each commander has a distinct role. These roles are the following: Infantry/Artillery Commander, Air Force Commander and Armor Commander.

By doing this I hope to bring you guys some new content and force the players to think a bit on their commander choice instead of blind picking Airborne, Mechanized or Osttruppen in another Tournament. I hope you guys will enjoy it, and further tournament information can be found down below.

Tournament Information

Date: 31st July/ 1st August
Starting Time: 2 PM CET
Format: 16 players single elimination, all round BO3, finals BO5.
Signups: Sign up soon! Head over here.
Seeding: Positions 1-8 Based on ML score, 9-16 Based on automatch (subject to change)

Prize pool:

Total $320
1st $160
2nd $80,
3rd-4th $40.
The prize pool is subject to change. If you like this idea and want to contribute to the tournament you can follow this link. All donations will go into the prize pool!

Tournament will be classed as a standard ML tournament and will be eligible for ML points.

Game Setup

  • 1v1
  • Axis vs Allies
  • 500 VP
  • Fixed positions Allies 1 Axis 2
  • Observer mode ON, 3 min Observer delay
  • Standard resources cold tech of
  • TAD tournament MOD.

Additional Rules

SERVER SELECTION (Thanks AE for setting this rule up <444>3)
- Use the server has the least difference between the ping of both players - but only if both players have a ping of less than 200ms.
- If that is not possible...
- Remove the server that has the highest ping for each player
- If one server remains use this server
- If two servers remain, use the one that has the least difference between the ping of both players.
Faction Selection
- Coin toss winner decides who picks the first faction 1st game
- Coin toss loser decides who picks faction first in the 2nd game
- Acegame VP leader decides who picks faction first
- Once you play a faction you cannot play it again that series
- Finals acegame all factions allowed again

Map Selection
- Maps will be predetermined
- Mappool: Amilly Fields, Cross Roads, Mill Road, Canal Park, Abandoned Dacha

- Top Bracket has to upload replays into the designated channel.

Special Thanks to Stoklomolvi (Modder), Blackvikingde and Ahafeez for generous contributions into the prize pool

- Discord
- Youtube
- Twitch
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