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$$ for replays and Massive Nexus Overhaul

13 Sep 2019, 14:36 PM
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The new version of Nexus can be found here

*This part of the event is closed, please post more feedback here it is always appreciated!*
I will be offering 2$ (or i can divvy up 1$ to each person who participated) for every replay submitted, up to 5 replays per person who played on the version in the link above.

The replay must be posted in this thread and be over 30 minutes long (real games not just sitting in the match waiting for the timer to hit 30 ;). Money will be transferred thru paypal when I return on the 18th and this experiment ends.

Attached to the replay posted here must be feedback in some form that is as objective as possible and as specific as possible, be brutal if needed (i can take it) or if you genuinely enjoyed it please say so.

This is being done on my dime.

An uncountable number of changes have been made to Nexus. The north, south and center have been overhauled to decrease clutter, increase flow, maximize pathing potential, and rout capping orders in a way that makes sense. I will be doing a deep dive video into the map once I get back from a wedding on the 17th. In the mean time I am freezing the design so I can get replays and feedback from members of the community.

Feel free to PM here or on steam with questions, I will respond as time allows.

Credit will be given to those who helped with testing or feedback with the changes once the map is updated in ladder so as not to create a bias against any change, to those of you who have helped with feedback and testing thus far, thank you very much, quality maps are never a one man show and your time is appreciated.

13 Sep 2019, 19:04 PM
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I'm not a 1v1 player, but I do have some experience in helping test and adjust maps and I've seen quite a few casts and streams on the map, so I'll just post some things that I found while I had a look around. Feel free to ignore them in favor of feedback of people who have actually played on the map.

I believe this map is meant to somewhat recreate Crossroads. What makes Crossroads such a good map I think, is 1) how open it is and 2) how easy it is to switch sides (fluent gameplay). I'll aim my feedback at making the map less "laney" in the middle and open it up more for infantry and light vehicles.

A. Add a hole in the wall at (1) for infantry and make the avenue at (2) and (3) slightly wider so light vehicles don't get stuck there as easily.

B. Add some green cover to help fight the big garrisons (similar to the big garrison on Crossroads) somewhere at (4) and (5). Maybe remove that inner corner high wall (the one just west of the garrison) or a portion of it at (4) and replace it with a low wall. The same could be done for that corner in the wall at (5).

C. Add holes in the walls somewhere at (6) and at (7) so infantry (and light vehicles for (6)) can move around the map easier.

D. I think the southern industrial part is too close to the center, which makes the western middle part of the map a bit too tight to move vehicles around in. Since the most southern part of the map isn't really used, I would propose to move the entire garrison section (8) like 10-15 range south so that the middle area (9) becomes bigger and better mirrors the north-eastern middle part of the map.

E. I think that the train platforms in the middle of the map are a bit too big of tank "no-go" area, which hinders armored gameplay. The area that is inaccessible for armor is pretty big which makes tanks less responsive. I'd suggest to remove part of the platforms at (10) and (11) to help make tank pathing more fluent.

F. Reduce the amount of "free" territory points for both sides in order to make map control slightly more important and potentially slow down teching. I would suggest to create Crossroads-like "heavy" cut-offs at (12) and (13), and move the strategic points at (14) and (15) slightly forward so they are easier to capture (for the enemy). Alternatively this could also or instead be done to the horizontal cut-offs.
15 Sep 2019, 10:05 AM
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I know this is not entirely on topic, but im not looking for money and i thought it would be nice to have all replays in one forum thread when u come back so i thought i posted it here.

So this is a game on AOD, (that i know your were also looking to improve and receive feedback), on the replay page i also posted some map feedback. just to illustrate my pathing points that we talked a while ago about. Only at the time i didnt have a replay to show u but now i do :D

17 Sep 2019, 23:22 PM
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I appreciate the data from everyone here on steam and discord, im closing this pay for replays event but more feedback is always welcome thanks all that participated your time is appreciated.

Im going to do a deep dive video into Nexus to show off everything that has been done and give props to all that assisted, thanks again <444>3
28 Sep 2019, 01:03 AM
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