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Luftwaffe Doctrine in 1v1's - Viable or Not?

27 Jul 2019, 15:06 PM
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So the topic kind of outlines the discussion.

Falls seem to be outclassed in head to head fights against just about everything I seem to put them up against despite saying that they are effective against infantry at all ranges?

Now, I may be biased because I remember Falls from CoH1, who used to put out insane amounts of dps, I might be judging the CoH2 Falls kind of harshly.

Do you like their other abilities?

What are the "in-meta" builds/doctrines at the moment?
27 Jul 2019, 19:30 PM
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The doctrine is okay, the actual fallschimjaegar are bad, they come late and it's relatively easy to take 2/3 infantry squads and force them off quickly. Or they will bleed badly to vehicles if they are not wiped with the small 4 man squad size. If you can vet them up they are very good, but it is too difficult to do and even then they are still not too hard to wipe.

Valliant assault is a great way to boost your infantry in an assault, long duration good buffs, affects every unit

Smoke drop is a very cheap way to support your infantry vs mgs or scout

Ju87 air strafe is basically the same as the ostheer one, it shreds tanks.

Most players prefer to capitalize on effective light vehicles, such as the luchs, puma, scout car. This doctrine is better for infantry heavy builds, which are not effective vs Brit infantry or enemy light vehicles which you will see frequently. Still valliant assualt and ju87s can totally win games so it definitely can be used.
28 Jul 2019, 03:22 AM
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This makes sense. I'm still trying to wrap my head around OKW. I might continue to try Luftwaffe just not using Falls/using a single squad before I get Obers out.
28 Jul 2019, 18:06 PM
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The doctrine is good enough. In fact, it was one of the favored doctrines a year ago before the revamp and new commanders. At this point though it has been eclipsed by other commanders, but this in itself does not make it bad.

I would respectfully disagree with Hon3ynuts in terms of the falls. Anything that takes 2/3 infantry squads to be chased of has done a fine job just tying up units. Even though Fallschirmjägers excel at all ranges like they say in the description, they should be fighting from a distance and let cheaper units soak up the fire. At vet 2 they also make amazing ambushers, which you can park around a ressource point (in cover and with hold fire activated) and when the opponent goes to cap it, you can pretty much get a guaranteed wipe firing from concealment potentially backed up with a grenade if it's a tough unit. What really puts Falls a notch above other elite units though, is their ability to use a snare, which makes them a much higher risk for light vehicles and also protects them from being run down when retreating. However they also have a clear downside in their exorbitant deployment and reinforment cost, so you should probably never have more than two on the field. Many a time I have beaten a less experienced player who got starstruck by this unit, which lead them to literally hemorrhaging manpower and killing them in the long run.

Other than the Falls, the Valiant assault is really the selling point of the doctrine, giving both a buff in speed and combat performance which makes it great for breakthrough of enemy lines. The only problem with this ability is that as OKW you are often strapped for munis which can make it difficult to find the ressources some of the time.

So bottom line we are looking at an adequate and not least fun doctrine, albeit a bit harder to optimize and also a bit worse than doctrines like spec ops and Overwatch.
2 Aug 2019, 21:23 PM
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I almost feel like Fallschrims should be a 5 man sqaud for 400 MP because of all this adding men to sqauds that's happened with other units.

One of the coolest things to do is capture team weapons with them because they are strong enough to the point you almost don't need to guard team weapons manned by Fallschrimjagers...but it's an expenisve reinforcement cost.
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