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21 Jul 2019, 08:55 AM
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As you all know, mods are pretty busy with deleting multiple spam threads probably by bot accounts every day.
They do a good job, but it's additional work for them and it still clutters the forums. Would it be possible to disable thread opening for new accounts until they made at least a certain number (maybe 5 or 10) of comments to show that they really want to be active?
I know that there are drawbacks in terms of exclusion of newer players that just want to ask a question, but 5 posts or so would not be a huge problem.

I would assume that the accounts spamming are mostly bot accounts that browse internet forums and post automated spam, so maybe they won't recognize the new precondition to open threads.
21 Jul 2019, 13:34 PM
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Janne is working on something that should solve the spambot issue in a permanent fashion. Until then, it'll be us (site staff) smashing them.

An interesting idea, though. I'll have some other folks discuss this.
21 Jul 2019, 14:17 PM
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Kudos to you guys.
I'm sure you'll come up with a suitable solution.

Depending on how "intelligent" these spam scripts have been programmed, maybe even one normal comment would be enough.

Just my two cents to keep in mind:
Starting this limitation needs oversight directly after implementation. If the bots are programmed intelligent enough, all normal threads could get spammed by additional posts to surpass the threshold.
Also don't forget to display a information message to new players that registered to ask a question in a new thread, so that they don't get confused.
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