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3v3 Allied Trolling, very strange almost suspicious game

29 Jun 2019, 23:31 PM
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Chock this up to matchmaking. Solo queuing and went against significantly better players in a 3 man group, as evidenced by them using the same crass jokes. I should warn anyone ahead of time their language and general attitudes are very disgraceful, so don't watch if that sort of thing gets your dander up.

What I really want someone's opinion on is how they did it. I mean they completely manhandled us like a heavyweight boxer going against a baby. First they infantry just decimated us on the initial encounter, with our models instantly going down to seemingly no losses. Next our MG line fell immediately with heavy losses to their infantry and a very early howitzer that never seemed to miss. This was followed by them pushing us to our base and getting inside buildings to take advantage of Brit cover bonus and keeping us contained until they could get the resources they needed for bofors, mortar pits, more howitzers, self propelled artillery, and future tanks. At that point, as they rudely point out, the game was lost.

It also always triggers me when I build two MG42s, one to support the other and walk them forward, and people yell out MG SPAM MG SPAM. Yes, I know my allies have one MG each so that looks like a lot but I am not the one building them all.

We tried to mortar them back but every second we fired, they fired back. I'm not sure if they had the ability to counter barrage and it was really working, or they used infiltration units set on no attack to give line of sight, or what, but everything landed with pinpoint accuracy, including units on the move. It's as if they predicted "It's 13 minutes in, he must have a pak gun, and based on pak gun speed plus its orientation when spawned it will be about here when my round lands..." I know later in the game they were launching flares, but that was late in.

The other half of this post is advice on what to do when you encounter players like this. I mean these are the kind of people that make you question why you even bother playing in the first place.
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