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Smoke Grenade Cooldown

11 Jun 2019, 21:05 PM
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Are smoke grenade cooldowns the same across all units? Because the shock troops smoke cooldown seems still too short. After I reposition an mg and catch the shock troops again, the shocks have another smoke grenade they can throw. It's just silly. Whatever smoke grenade cooldown is, I believe smoke nade cooldown should be the same across all units with the smoke nade.
11 Jun 2019, 22:49 PM
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Shock smoke scales with vet iirc.at vet 1 instead of the coveted trip flares it was decided that maybe blanket vet wasnt great and tuned their vet to smoke. Cooldown and cost reduction I believe.
12 Jun 2019, 04:44 AM
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Yeah, their vet 1 is just a reduction in grenade cooldown and they just so happen to be the only soviet infantry with access to a smoke grenade, it allows them to spam normal grenades too (but eats through munis faster than yo momma)

When you see smoke like that, just molest them with vehicles and explosives, since they come in at CP 2 you should be able to field a 251 or 222 soon after and they have zero AT capability
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