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Help vs. US airborne

15 May 2019, 17:56 PM
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I am struggling to counter the combination of long-range US firepower (i.e. paras + pathfinders) backed by AT guns and Pack Howie and/or Scott. Obviously what I just described is a ton of MP so I should have a fairly flexible composition to counter it, I need ideas on what it could contain.

In my experience if the US player is careful, he pushes with minimal losses as he outguns me at long range. MG34s need to reposition instantly or get wiped by the artillery (and are not great at suppressing anyway once the entire map is yellow). Vehicles cannot deal enough MP damage while dodging AT guns to be efficient.

Apart from getting a lame lucky shot with a Sturmtiger or some other such nonsense, what would be a good army composition to try in order to counter this?
15 May 2019, 21:58 PM
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Dont try too much with MGs vs such a build. Pathfinders wreck face in an open field engagement but they suck hard in a cover fight, so just make sure to use the map cover or build sandbags vs pathfinders. Kind of the same goes for the paras.

You gotta do some decisive moves as OKW before such an opponent has his army composition finished. Flank the AT guns, push in hard with p4s and panthers, use smoke from ISGs or the recon plane (Luft doc). Airborne players usually lack snares. Or you can go try to rush pathfinder spammers with a very fast 221 from elite armor doc

etc etc
16 May 2019, 00:37 AM
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If he has not that many or no riflemen (so not that many or no AT nades) luchs might be a good choice if you have the micro for it. If you can really push the advantage in the midgame and maybe wipe his at gun if you get lucky with a really aggressive combined arms assault then you might be in a good position to put him behind before he gets enough fuel for a tank.

If he's relying mostly on paras and paths he'll probably have less infantry than you will since both are pretty expensive and non-vet3 paras drop models really fast.
24 Jul 2019, 02:14 AM
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LOL just smoke them and advance with Volks and a Lichs if you can. Pathfinders aren't JLI so they aren't that good.
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