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How to counter Jagdtiger/Elephant in teamgames

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10 May 2019, 00:24 AM
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As the title suggests I am looking for advice on how to crack these armored and long-range beasts in 3v3 mostly.
USF/Soviet mainly but brits are welcome too.

By this time window the enemy usually has panthers or/and AT and tons of infantry or brumms/Stuka zu fuss/Werfer.
The obvious one would be Il-2 bomb strike with engine damage or rammed t-34 combo but this isnt 100% reliable. Another one would be mark target and t-34/85's but this has its problems too, too unreliable with many, many bounces and u will take a lot of losses most likely.
The problem is, these beasts have the range and armor to withstand almost anything. Your dedicated tank destroyers will become quite useless with one of these on the field 2 shotting them and spotting them before hand, maybe jacksons can do well but atleast su-85/ISU-152 will be outclassed heavily. Firefly has tulips, but im not sure how u would pull it off properly. I am quite literally depressed over facing this so often now and it feels like a "i win button" more than anything, due to the chaotic nature of the gamemode and when u have no synergy with ur teammates its just futile, or so it feels like.
The maps really don't help with this issue much either, theyre too chokehold-y and at the endgame where ure fighting over 1-2 Vp's these things dominate. There is also the fact that im no fortune reader and can't see the future and know when the elephant will be fielded or maybe i picked another commander at the start of the game for a strat.

But enough whining about them, how do I counter them efficiently?

10 May 2019, 05:39 AM
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Vet3 recon pathfinders are undetectable so u can easliy drop off map on elefant and then jackson can finish him
10 May 2019, 06:14 AM
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Soviet Mark Target > Block > Arty + TD's.
28 May 2019, 07:57 AM
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Don't fight it head on, attack parts of map where it isn't, it's really difficult to reposition and you can catch it in the flank when it tries to move. Win the infantry war and pressure it off the map.

p47's and two Jackson's will see it off.
1 Jun 2019, 13:58 PM
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Spam arty to strip away the AT then just blob it with penals.
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