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Battlegroup or Mechanized

7 Feb 2019, 23:02 PM
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Hey all,

I'm new to playing OKW and I really enjoy them. I played my 1st 1v1 last night and it went well.
However, in 1v1 is it recommended to always go mechanized first? I see pro players doing this most of the time for the early luchs.

In my 1v1 I went BG>Mech and used an early AA halftrack which seemed to work wonders against the US infantry. I guess it's totally down to what the enemy is doing (as with most choices).

In team games I usually go Battlegroup>Swherer as team healing and a faster p4 is usually more helpful.

Lemme know what you think?
8 Feb 2019, 00:46 AM
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Isn't bad for starters but some maps simply favour mechanized or battlegroup headquarters and when playing p2 or the 251/17 which is usually quite useful it depends which faction you are facing and how they play what they tech and which commanders they could choose or already did choose. Against allied elite infantry any light vehicle can do wonders.

The flak ht usually needs better support and cannot follow infantry and wipe them out on the move but comes earlier and can make quite an impact if you aren't facing atguns which could work versus soviet t1 or american LT tech but both factions can call in atguns via commander or sidetech and maybe go for call-in tanks if things go south.

The Luchs comes out a bit later and gets its true power only after vet2 with accuracy on the move, damage and some other quite relevant buff and can fight off allied ultra light vehicles or halftracks (m15 can win but should be flanked anyway) the P2 play allows to get a Sdkfz. 234/2 Puma right after to counter allied light vehicles if you dislike relying on raketenwerfers but this combination mgiht delay your tech quite a bit and might force you into a callin tank for the lategame.

The choice might also differ not only on your opponents playstyle and map but in teamgames on spawns and teammates teching tree and playstyle.
9 Feb 2019, 04:29 AM
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I think my AA halftrack worked well when I played USF inf commander, he had no AT and alot of infantry. So the halftrack and luchs held solid map control. By the time he got his sherman out I had raket and 2 pumas and it died almost instantly.

I will just have to play more re-actively based on their choices (still pretty new so knowing what commanders play style is like I am still learning)
9 Feb 2019, 06:21 AM
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In situations where it works, I find battlegroup to be a lot more dependable. I love the luchs and puma and they're both great units, but its almost impossible to lose ISGs and having healing for your infantry is great, and if you feel like you need a vehicle, you have the flaktrack, and if not, then your first tank is out significantly sooner than when you go mech.

Going mech with some falls is one of my favorite things to do as as okw though. Not much in the midgame that can stand up to that combo (if you back it with proper AT support ofc).
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