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a soviet rework idea...

11 Jan 2019, 20:00 PM
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as of the moment with the conscripts abilities... molotov + ooraah + AT nade it seems like the conscript should be reworked into a dedicated cqc infantry squad... historically entire soviet conscript battalions would be equipped PPS and PPSH-41s with rifles being issued to more veteran squads.. soo the idea doesnt sound too crazy

6 pps-43 (greasegun stats but with lower acc equivalent firepower to 4 man assault engies)
60 muni upgrade to ppsh-41
ppsh doc changed to advanced conscript assault package... gets HE nade hit the dirt and smoke ala volks... hit the dirt doesnt decrease accuracy now

this would mean that sov
1. can now field a t2 build without requiring a specific doctrine

2. now has a reason to field conscripts even while playing with T1


as for penals they should be reworked aswell imho... they are aggressively strong earlygame but taper significantly during the lategame... something should be done in order to flatten out their effectiveness... historically speaking entire battalions equipped with the tokarev SVT was rare... most of the time soviet troops would be equipped with either the mosin nagant or or a submachinegun... equipping penals with mosins + DP-28 should allow them to function as strong earlygame infantry and dedicated long range lategame infantry....

now renamed strelki (rifles) from penal battalion... uses the models from Osinyagov`s suggestion
6x guards mosin nagants
satchel retained
mutually exclusive DP-28 and PTRS-41 upgrade (soo no anti everything blob)

now penals can function as the long range infantry squad (grenadier/obers analog) while conscripts can function as a cqc squad (pzgren/volksgren analog) allowing all units to be viable regardless of doctrines or teching...
11 Jan 2019, 21:38 PM
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if you post sth like "historically entire soviet conscript battalions would be equipped PPS and PPSH-41s with rifles being issued to more veteran squads". i would like to see a source since you use this pseudo fact to lend credibility to you proposal.

To your idea itself. i dont like it. on close quarters maps i dont want to be forced to counter spam sturmpioneers of doctrinal ass grens to deal with a t0 shocktroop (ppsh cons). unbalance
and on the other side on wide and open maps, i dont want to be forced to build penals just because i cant get close enought to make cons work. i like the ppsh upgrade option, they just should make it non doctrinal (as the case with so much else)
11 Jan 2019, 22:06 PM
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More than five million PPSh submachine guns were produced by the end of the war. The Soviets would often equip platoons and sometimes entire companies with the weapon, giving them excellent short-range firepower
-wikipedia excerpt
Bishop, Chris (2002). The encyclopedia of weapons of World War II. New York: MetroBooks. ISBN 9781586637620. Retrieved 19 October 2014.
11 Jan 2019, 22:11 PM
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hmm there is a point in what you say... but they wont be T0 shock troops... with a worse grease gun copy (equivalent firepower of 4 man assault engie) they would do significantly less damage than shocks and retain that huge conscript target size... which leaves them vulnerable to sturms and mg-42s allowing easy earlygame counters...

the penal rework allows penals to be less oppressive to okw and ost in the first 5-15 minutes of the game... but retain good firepower for the entirety of the game...
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