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Feedback: Soviet Urban defence Tactics

25 Sep 2013, 21:22 PM
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Time for second soviet commander.

This time we have to deal with uncommon doctrine which had a great potential but at current stage i rate it as one of worse soviet doctrines.

From 0 CP's we can already create FHQ, same as in CoH1 but this one can Heal, Reinforce and provides buffs to all nearby units, it requires your unit to be in building in which you want to establish FHQ. Also it's cost is.... 420Mp and 80Fuel and the cool story ends on this prize, why? Building are very vulnerable to nearly everything, even for grenades, also on some maps building are very rare so the effectiveness of this doctrine is going down, FHQ makes from soviets kinda campy faction and we used to be aggressive with soviets. building FHQ can be really risky but sometimes it can be really helpful.

Second new ability to CoH2 scene is 45mm 53k light AT gun. I must say that i never believed in this unit till i killed like 3 tanks with only these 2 light at guns. Range of fire is nearly the same as ZiS3, reload is like 2 seconds (double fast as ZiS3) rotation of the gun, and speed is way better than ZiS3 the only minus for this ATG is their penetration and damage, which is obviously low because it's only 45mm. But Costs says it's all, only 200MP. I totally suggest getting this unit in very early, maybe even 2 so you don't have to build ZiS3's in early game.

Third ability is well known vehicle detector plane which I ofc forgot it's name ffs... but as long as I look at doctrine name which is Urban and look again at this ability it makes me sick, why the hell Urban doctrine which is designed for close combats and street fights gives us some useless plane? there are plenty of possible replaces like dbl flamers on engineers or even god damn Assault Engineers! KV-8 could also suit up in this role but not some useless plane that takes other abilities slot. This abiliy must be changed to something that boost our infantry or add call-in.

4th ability is also new, Booby trap, what's that? I'm not completely sure, i thought that this would work same way as in CoH1, you build traps on points and in building and enemy is dying and that makes you happy panda but sadly no.... Relic had to use it's own ideas for this and now we have 100 munition ability that you can active only on your sectors that are not capped at the moment and after 15 second you got booby traps on your point which i thing detonates like 1 second after enemy gets into territory sector. But better story is you can't have more than 1 booby trap at the same time i think.... This ability cost me a game and it was main reason why i lost it spending like 200 munition to kill 3 PG's only.

Last ability is Incendiary barrage which suits very well for urban doctrine, no need to say more words about it.

If anyone want to share his opinion about this doctrine then join discussion! MVGame
25 Sep 2013, 21:29 PM
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I started calling it "the doctrine with the tiny at gun" and that's about it :/. Also agreed, 80 fuel for something that can go down in a rifle nade? I'm not so certain that's worth the risk.
25 Sep 2013, 21:33 PM
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As i said this doctrine have potential but must be rebalanced
25 Sep 2013, 21:55 PM
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Yeah, until the house critical thing is fixed (I'm assuming it's not intentional), the FHQ is waaay too risky for it's hefty cost. Maybe some 4v4 players will find a use for it but in 1v1, rifle nades or a single mortar will always be able to get into range of it. This is too bad because the doctrine feels lack luster with it's core ability (FHQ) dying so quickly.
25 Sep 2013, 22:31 PM
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I started calling it "the doctrine with the tiny at gun" and that's about it :/. Also agreed, 80 fuel for something that can go down in a rifle nade? I'm not so certain that's worth the risk.

i think the stream said it was supposed to make the building an user owned building. or something. to me that meant that they where strong like bunkers and base buildings. it must be a bug. i will never know since i wont get the commander. i hope they fix it because its clearly a bug.
25 Sep 2013, 23:40 PM
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I will confirm this doctrine does NOT have buildings destroyed in single hits. I had a mortar team destroying buildings pretty much full time and after about 20 mins of barrages I took down 4. The concept of this doctrine is totally fucked.


Played my first automatch, landed on semoisky winter. Faced the brilliant new soviet urban cdr which apparantly allows infinite, instantly built forward HQs (really?) in every building on the map small or large (really?). Stacking offense/defense auras (really?). More medics on the field than conscripts .....

yeah what were relic smoking. this cdr betrays every no brainer tenant of basic game balancing such as, cost vs benefit. Do you really think its hard for a soviet player to float 80 fuel?


coh2 working as intended relic?

Gonna try some more matches and see how they go, maybe play a more aggressive early game to punish an urban player for an early hq purchase... but I already know whats going to happen. 1 conscript slips past my line on kholdny and all my buildings will magically turn into hqs around my cutoff/fuel, "gg wp".
25 Sep 2013, 23:42 PM
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I should also note that I spoke at length with that guy I took that screenshot on semoisky winter with after he won and he told me that the auras from the hqs stack (+100% offense/defense for each) in the same area like in that screenshot in my above post, leading to things like

the little 45mm at gun being a beast
1 at nade destroying a full health fht
penals killing AC at range with their rifles pretty quickly

17 Nov 2013, 14:42 PM
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Don't know if this counts as thread necromancy, but it didn't seem to warrant making a new one.

With the recent changes to this commander what does everyone think? I've had very limited success with this commander in the past, but it might be more viable to set up a FHQ at 0CP with the reduced cost and increased MP at the start of the game.

Would you guys suggest going T1, T4 or T2, T3? I think that T1,T4 seems the ticket since you can get the AT guns as a call in.

I find myself having trouble with this doctrine since I want to defend my FHQ but then that locks me into a certain area of the map. Perhaps it's a doctrine that's really only useful for certain maps that have easily defendable strategic points?
17 Nov 2013, 16:41 PM
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It only has some value in team games where you generally focus on 1 part of the map. It's a rather useless doctrine for 1v1.
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