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Need help vs Penals + Shocks

26 Sep 2018, 20:44 PM
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I recently lost to a soviet cancer strat using Penals + Shocks + Flame truck.

Seriously this combination should be banned.

Anyway, what can I do to counter it?
27 Sep 2018, 08:19 AM
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This sounds like a fairly standard Soviet T1 build but with Shocks instead of Guards.

The best advice I can give here is play it yourself and see how you get countered.
27 Sep 2018, 09:09 AM
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Flame HT as ostheer and luchs as OKW counter it.
27 Sep 2018, 09:41 AM
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gren- or volksblobs should counter it pretty decent you should be sure to get weaponupgrades for grens g43s might be interesting if the enemy keeps moving or the map favours it if the enemy invests a lot in infantry he will probably not get light vehicles and will get bled to death by grens a 251 or opel blitz as forward reinforcement point might be interesting and should allow you to blob right in front of your enemies base or near the cutoff.
27 Sep 2018, 16:59 PM
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In Early Game:

You are in trouble. Mg´s cannot work properly due to Smoke granades, Mortars are in trouble also because is hard to get them cover due to the first thing., you need to have a lot of granadiers well spreaded , try to use in good situation from far range, never engage from Med/close combat of course. try to get them in good spot to use Pzfaust, in order to stop truck rush, if you have an MG in a building lay some mines in the granade range area so when he is trying to kill your mg with explosive he receive some dmg, remember he don´t have mortars to blew the mines until get another tier.
try to mix anti infantry / Anti tank mines so if he come running with his beutiful truck, he blow away with the squad.

the only way to fix and get into the fight is Running for a 222 and/or better a Flammwerfer,
your main target in order to regain the adventage is trying to kill the penals with the PTRS, so you can overexploit your flammwerfer, Information is Key so you can prepare your position, mines and choose where to fight.

you can also do some diversion attacks in order to gain time and make them spread their forces, a bad player blob, a good one attack one front with a lot of forces coming from different vectors, you must need to check his playstyle and use barbed wire / mines, because if you prepare to fight a good managed attack, a blob just can owned you, if you prepare to fight a blob, the same but backwards.

later you have more tools, the best thing is a Brummbar and/or Pzwerfer, but you are going to have more problems than a nasty infantry mix.

Good luck!

P.S: based on my experience,
P.S: i don´t speak 100% english.
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