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Commanders Revamp- Patchnotes

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27 Aug 2018, 20:28 PM
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Hey everyone,

We’re excited to reveal the selected commanders and their first pass redesign! Not only that,
we have our first test mod ready to try out!

Our goal has been to make these revamped commanders viable and exciting across all game modes. The revamp team has been working hard to design, prototype and test this first round of changes. We’ve been reading forum threads and considering many of the good ideas put forward by the wider community. Thanks very much for your input!

The following commanders are the ones which have been chosen for integration. However, at this early stage, any items within these doctrines are subject to iteration based on feedback. Please take the time to play some games, preferably with a similarly skilled opponent, and provide feedback in the appropriate threads, either here or on coh2.org. (THREAD LINKS WILL BE CREATED SHORTLY)

Please try and keep your feedback unbiased and impartial. We would like to focus on how these changes feel, and where alterations are needed to achieve Good Spot ™ status. When possible please steer away from offering alternative units/ abilities, unless you have a solid reason for doing so. We appreciate some folks may be disappointed that their changes weren’t selected for inclusion.

As is the way with test mods, there will more than likely be a few bugs. Help us squash them by reporting in the aforementioned threads.



Assault Engineers

Veterancy 2 now bolsters squad to five men upon reinforcement
Elite Vehicle Crews

Repair speed increased by 0.5
Veterancy gain increased by 15%
M10 Tank Destroyer

Aimed HE round ability added that will blind enemy tanks and disable weapons for a short duration enemy tanks for X seconds and provide decent effect against infantry.
Sherman 105mm Dozer

The intention has been to give this unit a more devastating anti infantry and emplacement profile. Stats reflect a less potent Brumbar, with the upside being that the 105mm is turreted.

AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.0.5 to 1/0.35/0.175
AOE distance from 1.125/2.25/3.375 to 0.325/0.75/5.5
Veterancy 2 Bonuses from +20% speed, +20% rotation, +30% Accuracy, +20% Accel/Decel to 0.8 Received Damage, -15% weapon reload, +20% rotation
Veterancy 3 Bonuses from 3: +35 weapon rotation, -20% Reload to +35% weapon rotation, -10% weapon reload, +30% Accel/Decel
240mm Artillery

We have redesigned this ability to still be a strong area denial tool, while inflicting more consistent yet less devastating damage to units in the affected area.

Number of shells from 5 to 7
Duration between shells from 12 to 8
Instant kill crit against infantry removed
AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.2/0.125
AOE from 9 to 10

Mortar Halftrack - Removed

Mechanized Group

WC-51 and M3 Halftrack consolidated and available from the Rifle Command. M3 requires either a Captain or Lieutenant to be deployed.

50cal HMG upgrade cost from 60 to 45
Receives shared experience
Refit and Refuel

Re-added to the game in free slot
Combined Arms

Added in place of M21 Mortar Halftrack
76mm Sherman

Population from 14 to 12
Cost from 380/135 to 380/125


Trialing change where Sappers, and Recovery Sappers have access to HEAT Grenades (The same as BOIS Tank Hunter Sections)
Trialing change where Infantry Section/Tommies can now plant M7 Light AT Mines; replica of the Rear Echelon Mines.


Changes intended to give similar performance to USF priest, with some different characteristics.

AOE damage from 1/0.25/0.1 to 1/0.5/0.2
AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 1.25/2.5/6
Range from 135 to 160
Supercharge Victor Creeping Barrage no longer shares a cooldown with the main barrage

Changes intended to make this unit more potent in combat.

Main gun damage from 80 to 120
Population from 12 to 8
Sexton Creeping Barrage no longer requires veterancy 1
Perimeter Overwatch

Now launches an off-map mortar shell every 8 seconds and 25 pdr shells every 16 seconds at enemies in friendly sector. This applies on a sector-by-sector basis.

Air Resupply Operation

Cost from 150 munitions to 100 manpower and 75 munitions
Artillery Cover - Removed

Swapped out for Churchill Crocodile
Churchill Crocodile

The Crocodile has been adjusted to have its gun match other tanks. Smoke has also been added to allow the Crocodile to provide combat support.

Main gun damage from 80 to 160
Can now fire smoke shells; ability similar to Comet and Cromwell’s Smoke Shot
Recovery Sapper Squad

Cost from 450 to 230 Manpower – one squad instead of two
Can throw smoke grenades for 15 munitions
Repair speed from 1.6 to 1.85
Forward Observation Post

Upgrade available to the Forward Assembly which grants the FOP abilities to the Assembly
Costs 100 manpower and 10 fuel
Locks out Medical Stations


Rapid Conscription – Removed

Recon Flight - Removed

Fear Propoganda – Removed

Commissar Squad (New Unit)

This new unit represents a formidable combat and utility squad in keeping with the doctrine's theme.

5 Man Squad: Commissar Officer armed with a pistol. Commissar escorted by four Guards Riflemen wielding SVTs. This unit has three abilities.
Costs 2 CPs and 260 Manpower
Ability one - Stand Your Ground: Grants a targeted squad -30% received accuracy and -10% received damage. The squad cannot move unless told to retreat during its 20 second duration; shares a cooldown with Fight to the Death. Costs 20 munitions
Ability Two- Fight to the Death: Grants targeted squad +20% weapon accuracy and 0.5 cooldown. Increases incoming weapon accuracy by 20%; shares a cooldown with Stand Your Ground. Costs 20 munitions.
Ability Three - Interrogate: Grants the locations of all enemy forces on the mini-map when a model is interrogated. This ability is free.
Scorched Earth Policy (New Ability)

Allows Engineers to place a trap on points; when triggered an incendiary mortar shell will be launched that damages nearby infantry and will stop the point’s ability to generate resources for 60 seconds
Costs 35 Munitions
Available from 3 CPs
Detected by minesweepers
Capturing the point remove the trap if it does not detonate, similar to booby traps and early warning flares

Added to the doctrine
Now receives 20% less damage, similar to the KV-1

Armored Vehicle detection – Removed

Shock Troops

In keeping with the Urban theme of this doctrine, Shock Troops have been added. Furthermore, Shock Troops have received moderate buffs to their mid-range capabilities. Their close-range potency remains unchanged up to 10 meters.

PPsH-41 mid range accuracy from 0.276 to 0.35
PPsH-41 aim-time multiplier from 1.25 to 0.85
PPsH-41 cooldown duration multiplier from 1.25 to 0.85
PPsH-41 mid burst duration multiplier from 0.325 to 0.65
Mid-range from 16 to 17
45mm Anti-Tank Gun

This unit was under performing. The following changes attend to make it a more attractive choice with added utility later into the game.

Penetration from 100/80/60 to 160/80/60
Now has Ambush Camouflage ability by default; first-strike bonus of +20% accuracy, +20% reload and -25% reload
Tracking veteran ability replaced; Vehicle units hit by a veteran 45mm ATG will be temporary visible, even in the FOW
Forward Headquarters

As an alternative to designating a command building, this ability now also allows the player to build a Field Base; this structure reinforces and heals nearby infantry.
Costs 200 manpower and 25 fuel
Booby Trap

The Booby Trap is being adjusted to be deal more damage over a larger area, whilst being incapable of destroying full squads. Cost has been adjusted appropriately.

Cost reduced from 100 to 45
Damage from 250 to 80
AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 0.25/3/6

76mm Sherman

Due to the changes to USF Mechanized Company, Soviets will also benefit from the following changes to this unit.

Population from 14 to 12
Cost from 380/135 to 380/125


Panzer Commander

This upgrade has been adjusted to allow tanks to spot targets from further away. The Artillery Barrage has been modified to be arrive sooner and at a lower price.

Sight bonus from 6 to 10
Coordinated Barrage delay from 5 to 3
Coordinated Barrage cost from 120 to 80
Coordinated Barrage range from 35 to 40
Emergency Repair

Emergency Repairs has been altered to repair a reasonable chunk of health, allowing damaged tanks on the front to get back into the action more quickly.

Cost reduced from 50 to 40
Now restores 200 health over 10 seconds after a 5 second delay; previously it was 100
No longer reduces munition income when active

We have aimed to make this unit perform more consistently. The intention is an increased ability to punish dense unit concentrations, with less ability to wipe multiple units.

AOE radius from 8 to 14
AOE distance from 2/6/8 to 0.25/1.5/8
AOE damage from 1/1/0.3 to 1/0.25/0.075
Rocket suppresses all infantry within 18 meters of the blast

Forward Receivers and Early Warning

Both abilities have been merged into one command slot
Renamed Early Warning Systems
Jeagar Light Infantry

Added to the doctrine.
Reinforce from 37 to 31
Camouflage is now available at Veterancy 0
Sector Assault - Removed


LeFH added to the doctrine
Veterancy 1-3 now matches its Ostheer counterpart
Veterancy 4 reduces Counter Barrage reload time between shots by 60%
Veterancy 5 - Allows single fire direct shot up to 50m"


234 Puma

Trialing change where Puma now requires Battlephase 2 and is deployed from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie

Hull Down - Removed

Tank Traps

Consolidated into Defensive Fortifications

Added to the doctrine
StuG E

This unit has been added, while receiving some moderate buffs to make it more potent and desirable in its role as an infantry support vehicle.

Added to the doctrine
Far AOE distance from 3 to 4
Projectile speed from 28 to 45
Sector Artillery

Now affects adjacent friendly sectors

Tactical Movement – Removed

Light Artillery – Removed

Veteran Squad Leaders (New Ability)

In keeping with the Infantry theme of the doctrine, the following ability has been created. This ability provides Wehrmacht line infantry with a five-man upgrade, adding increased front line durability, and in the case of grenadiers, increased potency. For Grenadiers specifically, this upgrade allows better performance than the MG42 upgrade in most situations.

Pioneers and Grenadiers can now be upgraded with veteran squad leaders, bolstering squad size to five men
Costs 30 munitions per squad for pioneers and 60 munitions per squad for Grenadiers
The Grenadier squad leader has a non-transferable G43. This upgrade locks out the MG43 upgrade
Requires 2 CPs

Stormtroopers have been added to the doctrine. Furthermore Stormtroopers have undergone a rework, to make them a more attractive choice across doctrines. This redesign intends to differentiate Stormtroopers from Panzergrenadiers, by moving them more towards a potent close-range unit, with strong disruption and ambush abilities.

Added to the doctrine
Now equipped with MP40s
StG Package removed
Panzerschreck Cost from 75 to 60
Decapture rate from 1 to 1.33

Download the mod

29 Aug 2018, 04:47 AM
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Hey everyone,

These changes have just gone live to the mod in a quick update. More changes will be coming in the next version of the mod.

Sherman Dozer

-AOE distance from 0.325/0.75/5.5 to 0.425/1/6
-Distance scatter max from 4.8 to 2.5
-Now deals 50% damage on deflection; akin to Brummbar


-HE ready aim-time from 1.75 to 1.25
-AOE Mid Distance from 1 to 1.5
-Fixed an issue where HE critcal would not apply to vehicles on deflection.
-Fixed an issue where HE shells could not be fired into the FOW.

Elite Vehicle Training

-Cost from 90 to 70


-New Ability: Propaganda Barrage: Calls in a small barrage of 4 shells that is similar to Fear Propoganda. 45 munitions
-'Stand Your Ground' and 'Fight to the Death' cooldown from 60 to 30.


-MP40 reload frequency from 4/5 to 6
-MP40 reload from 2.8/3.5 to 2.8
-MP40 near cooldown from 0.325 to 0.15

-Can now place Booby Traps; similar to Jaegar Light Infantry
-Tactical Assault avaliable; on cooldown upon being deployed.
-G43 Package now grants 4 Panzergrenadier G43s; cost from 40 to 60. Disables Tactical Assault and locks out Panzerschreck.

This will be updated into the official thread on companyofheroes.com

Update: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/245307/commander-revamp-preview-changelog/p1?new=1
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