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4 Dec 2017, 09:14 AM
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Should Caen be kept in the map pool, if it is the reworked version?

The reason why I'm asking this, is because people in chat during KoTH showed their support for the map.
Let me quickly point out that I agree with the decision to remove the current version of Caen from the map pool.

Why do I support Caen?
No areas littered with green cover (like the center of Lost Glider)
no massive areas with red cover (Like Halbe and Bryansk forest)
No over dominating garrisons (like Westwall, or Lost Glider)
Flanking routes
(and it is an aesthetically pleasing map, for a bombed city map)

Another thing is Caen got 47 votes in the map poll, while Minsk Pocket got 63 votes but stays in the 1v1 map pool.

But, what do you think? Should Caen be given another chance?
4 Dec 2017, 09:25 AM
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Minks is in because:

- Got full reworked
- Reduce from 4 spawns to 2 spawn. So you have fix spawns now in 1vs1

I know there was an reworked version since half year or something like that. I talked with high 1vs1 players amongst others Hans and Luvnest, and they cleary told me just to RIP caen at all(even the reworked version)

But its funny to see, there is always something what some people don't like. I mean its a lot of things.
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4 Dec 2017, 12:10 PM
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This is a great discussion to have. Because on paper, Caen looks like a great map. Yet somehow many people do not like it. The live version appears a little unbalanced as North gets better building placement on the sides. Which has probably been fixed for a year on the NEW version.

So what do people dislike about the map? Does anyone like any urban maps?

1) I am not a fan of forward cutoffs such as these and Hill 400. It is hard to overcome a dug-in enemy on one point. Now you have to overcome them on two points (with green cover on this map). GG. I would rather see a cutoff as it is implied, cutting off supply lines. So it should be closer to your base but somewhat reachable by the enemy to push or sneak up to. But I applaud Mono for trying to mix up the boring meta of map making.
2) I think many players may not like buildings since they are never passable. Even heavy crush will never create a path thru them. So they feel like rats in a maze mentally?
3) Similarly, they tend to be cluttered and have light vehicle pathing issues (not that Caen does).
4) Some urban maps have large amounts of negative cover which make flanks and retreats hard. Caen has almost no negative cover on live version.
5) Some urban maps feel like lanes you push thru. With very little flanking options. This map has a lot of little paths to get around to aid in flanking. It is difficult to just set and forget an MG to cover a lane on this map.

For years I have had discussions with a well known map maker who states "everyone wants to play the same old boring rural maps. They do not want to change their play style or cant." This map looks like it has done everything it can to be a great urban map. What else can you do? Just get rid of urban and industrial?
4 Dec 2017, 13:14 PM
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These maps are great in design and looks, absolutely stunning. However, with balance, these urban maps don't work, since they favor one side of the faction roster.
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