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Butgenbach Lake

19 Aug 2017, 19:15 PM
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Feedback for Butgenbach Lake
22 Aug 2017, 19:25 PM
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1. Overall the map looks good. It could use a few more blended splat/splines.
2. Map has a small urban area working north to a swampy wooded area. So it has a different look to each area.

1. Some points have areas that pull infantry away from capture areas.
2. There are some tall pine trees that block vision in the middle park area. Trees are located southwest of the center point. Trees on the north middle hedge areas may need removed as well.
3. The north VP has a smaller building than the mirroring house on the south VP. However, the smaller building looks further away from the VP and has two windows facing the VP. This area needs play tested to see which way is stronger if any.
4. The middle areas are very open. This may shift game balance to the Axis players. The map could use some more sight blockers, maybe hedgerows at the southern park entrance. That may break up the openess of the urban area south of the park as well.
5. The left side base areas need better blending in the base field areas.
6. The base defense could be better on the south eastern entrance and the northwest entrance. It is possible to attack the bases or bunkers without being shot at.

1. The main side road could maybe benefit from some red cover. Perhaps change the spline to achieve this. However it would benefit the eastern base since they could rush vehicles to the fuel point in the north east.
2. The middle park area could use more decoration on the side walls. Maybe even replace a wall with some other interesting objects.
3. The eastern ditch in front of the base is impassable but appears like all of the other passable ditches on the map. There should be some brush or something to show this. Or it could be made passable.

8/10 - The map has one possible issue that may drive away players. And that is how open it will become late game. There are some small tweaks and adjustments that should be made to bring it to the next level.
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