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19 Aug 2017, 19:10 PM
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Feedback for Lorient
19 Aug 2017, 19:30 PM
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Lovely map visually. Currently it needs the "lanes" opened up. Right now it is going to be a team weapon players paradise. Since either site is blocked (until medium crush arrives) or the walls prevent pathing and provide green cover. Since the lanes don't have any smaller opening it doesn't even allow infantry to flank without excessive use of vaulting.


If these few things are fixed, I can see it playing very much like Redball. Will playtest some more (with audio off Kappa) and see what else is noticeable.
21 Aug 2017, 14:20 PM
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1. Interesting Cutoffs. May be too far back to be contested, but it is nice that they leave two points free (can use caches to regain lost resources).
2. The buildings overlooking the fuel have no rear windows so they benefit the closer base. Map seems to be balanced very well. Except the West building has a large fuel tank blocking the west windows, this should be removed.

1. Bases need rotated so USF weapon racks are towards play area. Always test your map as USF initially.
2. The interactivity stage has abrupt corners which makes the camera movement a little jerky and will block camera movement at some points. Could smooth it so you can move freely all around the perimeter.
3. The long lanes with no cover may make this an axis friendly map. However, there are some flanking options. Could maybe place some of the cover objects on the road side of walls to allow for closer combat options for allied forces.

1. The left middle isolated point is covered from mortar fire by the structures above it. The right side is open.
2. The base areas are a little small. USF bases takes up most of the area which means tanks will not be able to get around in the base areas. Maybe thats a good thing :p
3. There are several long walls that could benefit from an opening. But they can be vaulted by infantry so its not a major problem. Since vaulting is a game mechanic that adds additional micro skill, maybe this is a good thing. As long as retreat paths do not get too long or force infantry into enemy territory.
4. I would be tempted to remove the large log piles in the very center to allow for larger engagements. This is a team map so room for all four armies to fight the middle may make for cool late game battles.
5. The seagull sounds need to be MUCH louder :p

8/10 - This is a very cool map but needs a couple touches for the next round.
27 Aug 2017, 17:30 PM
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This is visually an excellent map. I agree with what's been said before. Except for the seagulls. The seagulls are just fine. :foreveralone:

Having one very isolated cutoff point is a little suspect. My suggestion:

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