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Eastern Front Armies Revamp

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17 Jul 2017, 16:02 PM
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- Added QoL changes to projectile
- Popcap reduced from 8 to 7
- Vet1 now unlocks a free pintle MG on the Stug-E
- TWP removed

Pintle MG is not bad but the unit would be far better off with other option for a vet 1 ability like:

1) Direct fire mode with range 40 and low penetration so it can defend vs light vehicles/tank and moving infantry (makes sense even historical because the gun was used for direct fire)

2) Some sort of barrage.

3) some sort of over-watch ability
18 Jul 2017, 11:51 AM
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After thinking a bit more about my precious Field Offizier lets try a different approach. Instead of giving him more or different abilities that is to say reworking him, let's see if simply buffing his abilities into usefulness is enough. (It's also more likely that relic would accept such an approach, but that's just a bonus)
The main offender here is, of course, his Coordinated Fire ability. Second but close is his aura buff. I already stated in an earlier post why these abilities are so bad, so I won't do what again. Instead, I want to focus on ideas of improving them.
Coordinated fire:
This ability will always be really situational, there is nothing that can be done about it. But at least it should be really powerfull. So lift the range requirements from artillery pieces. They should immediately fire their shells/rockets at the targeted area, no matter where they are. Then to not spread the shells/rockets over half the map, make the accuracy independent from the range. You should always get the same accuracy, no matter where the mortars/Panzerwerfers are.
If that's not possible due to modding restrictions, increase the number of shells fired to turn the ability into an area denial weapon. Panzerwerfers should fire 2-3 barrages. That way even with insane scatter they ability would have some use.
Concentrated fire
Although Accuracy is fine, it's not really helpful, so either add or replace it with received accuracy or the damage reduction from command p4. Aura already scales with vet, so why not implement a 10% damage reduction at vet 0 and 20% at vet 3?
If that proves to be problematic and too easy to blob change it from an aura into a targeted ability which can be cast on a single squad. Of course, the values need to be buffed in this case.

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