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Does relic care about maphackers in coh1?

25 Apr 2017, 19:23 PM
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So it's pretty obvious we got maphackers in coh1. One of them is Ko7( he is changing name, so it can't be different).

I have broacasted stream where you can see all his weird moves. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138026201
Timings: 1:36:57( moving right into my sniper with his halftrack)
1:44:40 (run away with pio before my snipers shot)
This is things which I noticed. It's not only me who notices all this weird moves when play vs him(or with him).

Here we got some strange shit talk with him( EndeffektDelirium sent me that)

EndeffektDelirium: there is no bug.. stop that^^
EndeffektDelirium: pretty obvious in a livestream again dude ..
KO7: and still you think?
EndeffektDelirium: well everyone saw that^^
EndeffektDelirium: yes i still think it
KO7: interesting
KO7: twitch
KO7: on my phone
KO7: hf
EndeffektDelirium: oh sure its not like i there is a delay or something^^
EndeffektDelirium: didnt knew you are really like that man :D
KO7: he?
EndeffektDelirium: of course him
EndeffektDelirium: like every streamer..
KO7: noper
KO7: stremas doesnt have delay.
KO7: if you know trick
KO7: but what do i know..
EndeffektDelirium: oh im streaming too i know that ^^
KO7: master
EndeffektDelirium: trick? its twitch servers...^^
EndeffektDelirium: they all have minimum 5-15sec. minimum
EndeffektDelirium: i will just send all our steam communications to steam soon
KO7: and?
KO7: i am not hacking.
KO7: few days everyone take me as victim
KO7: bs
EndeffektDelirium: so what about using screenshotter? or streaming? its pretty obvious even that replays you posted on http://gr.org
KO7: yes i posted so?
KO7: thats mean i cheating there?
KO7: for what i should i send game where i was cheating
KO7: nonsense
KO7: dude
EndeffektDelirium: didnt said that.. i said its obvious how you use your units
EndeffektDelirium: in fact its even more obvious to watch games when you play vs streamers on twitch
KO7: twitch on my phone and its all.
EndeffektDelirium: first you said you use bug.. now you said you watched him on twitch(which clearly have delay some seconds)
KO7: yes i use bug
KO7: so?
KO7: using bugs its cheating
KO7: lel
KO7: lol
EndeffektDelirium: be happy its 2017 some years ago you got banned even for using bugs
KO7: if i get VAC for using bugs.
KO7: i send message to all
KO7: how to bug game
KO7: and everyone get it
EndeffektDelirium: and there is definatly not a bug to see units in FoG of war.. its maphacking if you see units in FoG
KO7: its bugging
KO7: not hacking
KO7: helloo?
EndeffektDelirium: EndeffektDelirium: there is no bug
KO7: game is old who cares abaut that
EndeffektDelirium: im playing this game 10 years now
EndeffektDelirium: i pretty much know any bugg
EndeffektDelirium: since i was in the fairplay forum
EndeffektDelirium: pretty active watching people hacking
KO7: not all
EndeffektDelirium: and that bug never exists
EndeffektDelirium: so why the fuck you are lying? why the fuck you even doing that? how much asshole can you be to even use( a never existed bug) called maphack.. which you even send me the link some wecalled maphack.. which you even send me the link some weeks ago..
KO7: i showed you
KO7: it is only possible
KO7: for faster get it
KO7: and keep it
KO7: i use method slower and not working in 100&
KO7: + twitch streamer in phone
EndeffektDelirium: you pretty much knew magnolias mg that replay you send on http://GR.ORG or were to be on the upper hand to attack .. or were bulat snipers was(when it even didnt shooted yet) and retreat
EndeffektDelirium: DUDE TWITCH GOT DELAYS!!!!
EndeffektDelirium: you cant retreat that fast even if you watched him!!!
KO7: no it doesnt
EndeffektDelirium: yes it is! on every fucking twitch server since the pretty much filled with people streaming! there is no chance to stream with out delay
EndeffektDelirium: twitch even told that before i tryed and streamed the first time !!!
EndeffektDelirium: its in the settings...
EndeffektDelirium: even if you strteam on youtube you got delays and the servers arent filled as much as the twsitch servers are
KO7: always there is possible way to do that
EndeffektDelirium: not if the servers are that much uber filled lol
KO7: to connect these servers
EndeffektDelirium: are you kidding me? :D
KO7: and get it faster than others
KO7: if i am kidding you?
EndeffektDelirium: oh yes of course it is so how is it when i just asked bulat how much delays he got in?
EndeffektDelirium: tell me the way to "trick" that :D
KO7: no lol
KO7: its not legal
EndeffektDelirium: oh "no" :D because you fucking CANT! :D since there is no way even with twitch prime.. sincKO7: with that i was kidding
EndeffektDelirium: KO7: with that i was kidding
KO7: its legal
KO7: when came kappa?
EndeffektDelirium: so tell us :D
KO7: tell what?
EndeffektDelirium: how to "trick" that :DD
KO7: special program?
EndeffektDelirium: so program name? to "trick" on full severs :DD
KO7: you are joking of me
KO7: i am not going to waste time to you
KO7: no idea what do you want to prove... everyone jealous
KO7: what i do

So first he was saying that uses bug then he says he was watching my stream. Sure with 20 sec delay he can react like that like he did in this situatons( timings are above).

I'm pretty sure this is not enough to prove it but if relic cares about hackers people can send their replays when they play with or against this guy( might be there are some way to see it on replays if player hacks idk...)

Soon this game will be full of maphackers if relic will keep ignoring.
25 Apr 2017, 19:24 PM
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Doubt anything will be done and there is nothing to do to stop it unless they patch the game which obviously isn't going to happen.
26 Apr 2017, 15:39 PM
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Yeah sorry to say nothing will happen. Just let this teenager have his fun, the game is kinda dead and nobody really cares about stats anymore anyway. Just play with friendslist.
26 Apr 2017, 17:46 PM
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i have a screen of my chat with him when he was talking to me that hes using maphack even he sent me a link where to dowland it lol............i dont know how to upload a picture here so ..:D
26 Apr 2017, 18:47 PM
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where have you been Relic hasn't enforced cheating in COH1 since all the GR.org staff left to start this site which was almost 5 years ago now lol
27 Apr 2017, 15:42 PM
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i have a screen of my chat with him when he was talking to me that hes using maphack even he sent me a link where to dowland it lol............i dont know how to upload a picture here so ..:D

download somewhere you can and put link here, or send me it in steam
27 Apr 2017, 16:12 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post27 Apr 2017, 15:42 PMbulatcr

download somewhere you can and put link here, or send me it in steam

picupload.com there u can upload pics that u direct can see it...
27 Apr 2017, 16:34 PM
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Just desync him for the fun of it
4 May 2017, 02:57 AM
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Yip the hackers are back and its only recent aswell. I guess thats the final nail in the coffin and I blame it all on coh2.
4 May 2017, 23:32 PM
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Relevant topic here, so Relic have replied to my claim on the notorious freeze-hacker, saying they "believe action has been taken".
In my understanding, this can only be a temporary solution as his steam account is active and all they can is to remove coh from library, but this wouldn't stop from re-activating the game by purchasing again. So would be interesting to hear if whoever notices his presence in-game.
5 May 2017, 14:00 PM
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wow relic replied, great :).

i will message here when i see him online again .. :)


Seen him today on 6th may online.... at 14:41 in my timezone
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