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Ostheer Build Orders

28 Jun 2016, 22:44 PM
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In the vein of this thread, what are good general build order frameworks for the Ostheer? I tried the UKF one from this thread which went all the way up to Cromwells and it proved very successful. My Ostheer play is very hit and miss and I think I'd benefit from a tried and tested build order to deviate from as needed rather than freewheeling the entire game.
29 Jun 2016, 00:11 AM
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Mine is sniper-mg-gren-gren tier one 22car-pak maybe?-t3-p4

get med bunker and spam tellers
30 Jun 2016, 19:16 PM
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Depends on opponent and map.

Usually 4 or max 5 units before tech up.
Starting units always mg42 and gren.(assgrens are risky...but sometimes work..cant be called standrad build order though,osttruppen dont work anymore after mortar)
1 Jul 2016, 00:00 AM
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Standard most basic build order is MG42-gren-gren-gren tech up. Follow that with either pgrens/222 or a pak if the opponent has a big fuel advantage over you.

It depends on your map and the enemy faction, but that is good in all situations. You might want to switch out the mg for a sniper or another gren depending on the map, but don't wait longer than 4 units to tech up. If you are ahead getting some pgrens will be more useful than an extra grensquad will.

Also, don't get assgrens. If you go Osttruppen, skip t1 until vehicles come out and you need the faust. Get 4 or 5 and tech up.
1 Jul 2016, 11:52 AM
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Previously I've typically opened with MG Gren Gren MG (picking up a third Gren squad after getting T2's early units). What's the advantage of a single MG and three Grens instead? (This is typically 1v1)
3 Jul 2016, 16:20 PM
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My current go-to is MG-Gren-Gren-Mortar/tech/222 if lots of team weapons, half-track if more infantry, PaK/tech/Whatever suits the current situation best.

This BO has helped me tremendously vs the British, as I've found going 3x Gren vs them to be largely ineffective due to their similar early MG play, and infantry that are better in cover, which is where the majority of early fights happen.

The German mortar, while not being an OP hand-holding laughable excuse of a unit, is easily the 2nd best standard mortar in the game. It will regularly take out 2-3 Infantry Section members in cover with a single shell, and makes it very uncomfortable for the British to meaningfully defend early without an aggressive emplacement.
8 Jul 2016, 06:46 AM
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vs brit, I had some success with

Starting pio =>T1
x1 pio
x1 sniper
x3 gren
x1 222

I send 1 pio at occupying choke point house and the other one to cap my side map.
Once the sniper hit the field, I send it with the pio in house and start pushing a bit to eat some IS with the sniper => Objective Brit's fuel or Cutoff.
the 2 next grens are going straight to the sniper to support him and continue the push if possible
third gren to cap other side of the map or switch with the pushing pio.

You have to be careful of the bren, but with 2 gren around the sniper, it shouldn't be a problem
You have to be careful with an early AEC, put a mine on your retreat path or where you can lure it with your 222.
10 Jul 2016, 15:53 PM
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I often see that the sniper is mentioned. Is this unit really so effective?

I find it hard to constantly baby sit him and especially in 2v2 or more the possible incoming damage is so high and fast that I lose him quite quickly before he can be of use.

So for the moment I stick to the classic MG42, GrW80, Gren, Gren build.
10 Jul 2016, 15:56 PM
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