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Kite Kaze's Kampfgruppen Lehr mod

2 May 2016, 19:19 PM
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Welcome to Kite Kaze Kampfgruppen Lehr mod for Company of Heroes 2.

This mod will change the current Ostheer/Wehrmacht faction into Kampfgruppen Lehr faction.

This new faction is harder to play with. Concentrating on early advantage, Kampfgruppen Lehr is blessed with large number of light armors. However, the downside of the faction is poor late game firepower.

The tech tree can be advanced by either upgrading for better infantry equipment, or repairing the Tiger Tank. To balance the faction, the repair cost for Tiger Tank is very high, but can be reduced with each Infantry Equipment upgrade.

The Kampfgruppen Lehr unit deployment style is unique. Now instead of purchasing single unit, you are forced to request bundle of units within battlegroup, which is themed for this faction. Although you cannot call the unit individually, the bundle in total has cheaper cost compare to other factions, so why not?

The Ostheer commander abilities are also replaced, please refer below for ability change:
Tiger/Tiger Ace Tank=>Redeploy Tiger Tank
Redeploy current tiger tank if lost, cost are increased for each redeploy.

Elefant Tank Destroyer=>Armor Assault Battlegroup
Call in Puma, Panzer IV, Panther for very cheap cost, but they will be relocated after a while.

Panzer Tactician=>German Armor Reserve.
Replace lost medium or heavy tank with Panzer IV Ausf H up to two units.

Spotting Scope=>Black Out
Disable minimap icon of all players. Allow you to take advantage of confusion among enemy. But beware, it works both ways.

Mortar Halftrack/Trench=>Deep Strike Operation
Drop fallschirmjager on frontline territory. They will retreat after half a minute.

(This area is still in development)

If you spot any bug or have any further idea, feel free to contact me within Steam workshop page, visit official Company of Heroes forum, or coh2.org forum. Thank you for every single feedback because I really need it.

You can access the mod by subscribing to steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=649759909
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