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22 Sep 2015, 12:59 PM
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Hello everyone, I was wondering what's everyone's opinions or ideas on the Brit T2 upgrades (the AC and the bofors). And I am talking about the 1v1 perspective here. I personally feel they are a completely useless waste of fuel. What I usually get from T2 is an engineer squad and an AT gun, sometimes a sniper, depending on the situation (mostly to countersnipe OH or against elite infantry spam from OKW). I can't find a way to use anything more from there. The bofors and AC in particular.

The bofors is well, a stupid unit by design (as any emplacement). The range is pretty poor and against OKW, the leiG is a staple of play anyway, so the counter usually arrives before the bofors itself. Had less experience against OH, but I bet some smoke barrages and flamers or just a lot of concentrated mortar fire should take care of it? This was the case also when it instagibbed any squad that happened to get in its range, but then it was at least a bit more annoying for the enemy.

The AC has the problem that (in my experience) it's very poor against infantry. It seems to me like it was designed as a light maybe medium vehicle counter, which for starters is a role the Brits rarely need in their lineup, because by midgame all reasonable opponents start preparing for the inevitable indestructible Churchill, not rolling light vehicles out, and besides even if it was, the already present combo of ATG+Sniper takes care of any light vehicle with ease, especially if you plop a mine or two down, which I found very easy and affordable to do, as I usually don't feel pressed to spend a lot of ammo.

Long story short, I feel like the T2 upgrades are basically a waste of fuel, and I usually just skip them to get to the meaty tanks faster, especially considering how expensive they are. Anyone have a suggestion with regards to these, or do you guys feel the same?

Also, is it intended for commando gliders to crush OKW base trucks? I just did this to an opponent yesterday, by accident, as I wanted to just drop them on top of a leiG, which happened to stand next to the meditruck, which I didn't even know about at the time of calling them. At first I didn't even notice it demolished the truck, I figured it out from the mix of sadness and frustration of my opponent, although I guess he might have just been disappointed in relic... Or is this a feature?
22 Sep 2015, 13:33 PM
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I agree with you that t2 upgrades are useless but you can see the bofors in team games or to guard a point like the okw panzer hq.The ac is used like the m20 utility car micro it to be excellent.

About the glider,no it is not.IT is not intended but luck also plays a role in a match.
1 Oct 2015, 04:26 AM
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The armoured car is wonderful at picking off units like halftracks or even letting you pressure OKW's trucks. The timing is such that it comes out right in time to catch a panzer command being constructed.

The bofors is tricky to use effectively. It's cheap enough that you can you can justify using it to secure a remote area of the map, but I need to experiment with it more.
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