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23 Nov 2012, 16:45 PM
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i like the russian mg team :), 6 soldiers and fast deploy of the machine gun will be nice :D!!!
23 Nov 2012, 16:46 PM
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Looks awesome, but yeh the video will probs be brought down
23 Nov 2012, 16:56 PM
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vive le strafe ! :D
23 Nov 2012, 17:04 PM
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watch the start of the 2nd video, look at the combat pioneers, especially between around 15 and 20 seconds in... seems like the squads are still jumping around in cover like madmen :-P
23 Nov 2012, 17:17 PM
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Call in IL-2 Sturmovik! for the win hehe !
maybe i need to get my old sig lol
23 Nov 2012, 17:40 PM
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Finally!! :D And the graphics looks to be a lot better than the screenshots we've seen :D
23 Nov 2012, 17:52 PM
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@Ami: pretty sure Lynx will want this gone.
23 Nov 2012, 18:09 PM
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GJ, who ever filmed this. Much better than the few seconds THQ cared to show.
23 Nov 2012, 18:23 PM
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didnt really understand what uprades (except flamerthower) the units had.anyone knows and care to tell me plz?

with maxim 6 man squad, looks like flanking will somewhat lose a little of its importance, since the crew might resist more...

btw is the gameplay slowler? I might be wrong but I got this feeling
23 Nov 2012, 18:26 PM
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keep in mind guys.. that the war was different on the Easter Front..
not so much flaking stuff was going on there as Soviets pretty much almost all the time attacked head on..
so the game play should feel different from CoH , Im all up to that
23 Nov 2012, 18:38 PM
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and also: remember how germany lost the war? i'm all up for that too; wehrmacht losing every game. realism FTW!
23 Nov 2012, 18:50 PM
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Soviets were weak early game as they almost got their HQ ( Moscow ) destroyed but came strong end game :D lol

Im sure the game will play nicely
23 Nov 2012, 19:22 PM
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the graphics seemed pretty good, especially considering it is a pre alpha build. i also liked the size of the tanks compare to the infantry
23 Nov 2012, 19:25 PM
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The larger MG squads just means a different usage than the German MG. Note that the Soviet MG has a much smaller arc of fire. It's a more offensive MG which is also what the larger squad indicates, ie it can be handled to be a bit more on it's own and doesn't need additional resources to cover it. Unlike the German MG.
23 Nov 2012, 20:05 PM
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just... take those big circles out...
23 Nov 2012, 20:48 PM
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once its in the internet, you cant remove it. if u wanna take it away from here, then also better report youtube video

Thats correct, also its nearly pointless to report youtube video also. since 'everyone' have the video now and can repost it again n again n again..
23 Nov 2012, 21:53 PM
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Not really. Not *that* many views.
23 Nov 2012, 22:12 PM
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Due to the timing I'm guessing it was someone in Sydney.
23 Nov 2012, 22:25 PM
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Maybe people from Mars too... Just sayin
23 Nov 2012, 23:26 PM
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Due to the timing I'm guessing it was someone in Sydney.

maybe Stephennn :S
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