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One4One Events Team - Who are we?

9 Nov 2014, 12:19 PM
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Who's behind all these tournaments and streams?
What about the organization of the tournaments itself?
Who creates these magnificent videos or other artwork?

Find out in this little presentation!

Little bit of History

Rewind is a clan that existed way before Company of Heroes 2. It was a professional clan in Enemy Territory, the free-to-play multiplayer of the more popular gameWolfenstein, with players playing under the famous tag "[<<]".
I've managed that clan and helped bringing it to the top in both 3v3 and 6v6."Rewind" lays close to my heart, and after the game died (and so did the clan), it was time to give it a new life in another game.

After discovering Company of Heroes 2, I immediately saw the eSport potential. Not in the current state, but the potential is clearly there. I organized plenty of tournaments, cups and leagues in Enemy Territory, so I know I could do this. And so it began. Now I can proudly say, Rewind Events has proven himself worthy, as organizer of competitive events in Company of Heroes 2, with tournament and cupnames as The Underdog Tournament [1v1] [2v2], Rewind Masters, SuperCup, The Summer Cup and the biggest of them all - the NationsCup.

Stay put boys and girls, we've just started - more is coming SOON ;)


We're working on building out our Twitch channel, starting 5/12 with HD streaming (1920 x 1080).
Competitive Map making - 100% Balanced maps NOT favoring factions / favoring a side.
Future events with bigger prizes.

Some important links

  • Make sure to subscribe on RewindTV @ Twitch to stay updated when we go live!
  • For more updates and fun stuff, Follow us on Twitter!!
  • Want to buy us a beer for the effort we put in this? Much appreciated! ;) We'll drink that one on our future stream ! Donate with Paypall
  • Have something unique to offer? Want to join the Team and work on competitive events?
    Add (<<| kreatiir on steam or send me a PM on this website.


  • AmiPolizeiFunk - For giving me the opportunity to run these events on .org
  • VonKluge - For helping me with prizes for the first Underdog Tournament and for being a cool belgian
  • Napalm - President of the Angry Bears and just in general a really good guy
  • Somenbjorn - For those countless hours of COH2 and for being a good pall in general
  • Siberian - For supporting me from day 1 and hopping in the streams
  • Ashman - My former streaming pal
  • Jesulin - For helping me with rules, information about balance or maps
  • FichtenMoped - For getting my newspost up so quickly and for helping me with editing (Ohme you too)
  • All the Bears
  • All my Rewind Team members, including Otto Gans and Spitfire (beating Barton), you know I absolutely love the work you are putting in this game and in Rewind <444>3
  • And everyone I can't think of right now. Thanks a lot!

    See you soon guys!
9 Nov 2014, 13:07 PM
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10 Nov 2014, 21:53 PM
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Great info Kreatiir, it's been awesome to be a part of Rewind
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