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(2 - 4) Karelia

6 Apr 2014, 19:17 PM
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Name: (2 - 4) Karelia
Category: 1vs1
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14 Apr 2014, 02:38 AM
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Hey man great map, it really captures the imagination of how much more potential there is for CoH2 maps. I love the elevation usage its a very nice change of pace compared to the majority of mostly flat maps out there.

The feedback I wanted to give you on the map is the left starting position has an area north where line of sight is completely blocked by a mass of trees. Its not a terribly important spot but there is a point behind those trees and a path. I noticed it immediately that I cannot see behind these trees to click on the point or control my troops at all without rotating the map. So that's my feedback so far of things that I think could use a tweak. Great map! Beautiful and original.
15 Apr 2014, 06:08 AM
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I like the look of this bridge.

It just looks a little bit strange without water. It's really well done but those water pipes coming out of it looks cloned as well. A really small detail but I noticed it instantly.
16 Apr 2014, 05:54 AM
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Honestly i love this map. I have played it many times. Just the rock design alone is amazing. Well done.
16 Apr 2014, 20:35 PM
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I tried this map the other day, just a simple ai skirmish. Visually it looks great and is clearly "avant garde" as far as coh2 map design goes. However, the extreme hills do hinder visibility and playability. I would like to see some of the contours toned down a bit, I believe the visual appeal would remain intact, but the movement routes (where a player can and cannot go) would be more obvious. That's really my biggest crit, is that I had a hard time guessing retreat paths from certain areas of the map, as well as flanking approaches.
16 Apr 2014, 21:48 PM
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MB certainly does something with the editor you can't see in stock maps. He has his own style. Relic summer maps are all quite yellowish and brown, with medium details. I personally prefer MB's style over Relic's style.
16 Apr 2014, 22:33 PM
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Certainly, I agree with you Janne, to a degree. I think the look and style is great, but as far as game mechanics go, it could be "cleaned up". It's hard to say exactly what that means. All I know is that some of the contours could be less extreme to allow the player to intuitively know where inaccessible terrain is AND/OR texture accessible areas differently. For instance, there are a lot of rock textures, which look amazing, but do not guide the player in terms of pathing.

A new style is always refreshing and I encourage this sort of design to push the envelopes of what coh2 maps can be.
18 Apr 2014, 21:43 PM
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And I'm back!

I have to say, many thanks for your feedback, guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate comments on my maps!

So, we've touched on something that I too have had some problems with. Relic has a very minimalistic design on many of its maps (because often, less is more), but once you have something along the lines of Karelia, there is more detail (even if I do say so myself), which complicates things.

I am looking for a way to increase the "visual steepness" of the impassible cliffs, and changing the passible cliffs to appear passible.

Any ideas?

Also, I'm working on the land bridge as we speak!

[Edit] An improvement?

6 Mar 2015, 11:42 AM
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When there are 2 players USF WEST. No corridors so they cannot move units to base.
8 Jul 2015, 06:15 AM
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I guess all Mappers love the US Base :)
Worst idea relic ever had !
24 Jul 2015, 22:14 PM
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yes orc, the us base is terrible...i have one map where i made the base area a real feature...i am trying to fix it now so it kind of looks ok.
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