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Fight Night/King of the Hill 1 vs 1 Event

16 Jan 2014, 15:11 PM
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Hey guys this is going to be super short notice, so hopefully it ends up working out but an idea popped into my head to give DrunkinGambit's map the thorough play-testing/attention that it deserves. But without further ado - my idea:

When: This coming Saturday, Jan 18th 6:00 PM EST (11:00 PM/23:00 GMT)

Format: 1 vs 1, King of the Hill. The first two players will be randomly selected from the pool of players participating, and from there the winner keeps playing.

Map: Keine Ruckkehr


Special Rules:
* Only commanders allowed in SNF should be used (basically no Elite Troops, Industry, Luftwaffe, or DHsK guy)

*Each "king" must step down after three consecutive wins. The goal is to create a fun environment and play-test Gambit's map, the more people that get to play the better. I don't want people to be worried about one person hogging the spotlight or some one significantly better than everyone else getting to play forever. After three consecutive wins two people will be randomly chosen to decide who the new king is.


I would really like to have replays of the games livestreamed and cast while other games are being played. For example after game 1 is played the replay will be sent to anyone who will cast the game. This way while game 2 is underway, we can stream game 1 so that anyone not playing will be able to watch the stream, if they so choose, and hopefully this will give Gambit's map a bit more community exposure - with people being able to watch the map in action.

Currently I plan to cast games with Con, on his stream but I'm more than willing to let other people step up if they want to try and cast. Please let me know if you'd like to cast games, and/or if you can stream with relatively good quality.

If you want to play in the event please leave your Steam Name/Steam ID Number either in this thread or send me that information via Steam. Also, if anyone has suggestions on special rules or things that could make the event cooler/run better please let me know.

To members of the CoH2.org community that aren't part of my clan: Depending on the level of interest I may considering letting you guys sign up/participate. This will be the first time that I've organized anything like this, and it is basically spur of the moment since this weekend is the only good chance we'll have to do it for a while so the goal is to keep it relatively small. Either way I highly encourage you to check out Gambit's map and would love if you wanted to watch when we stream the replays :)
16 Jan 2014, 15:23 PM
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Sounds like a nice idea. Since Saturday is usually the day I hang out with friends I gotta check first if anything awesome is happening. If not I guess I'll give this tournament a shot ;)
Should accustom myself with the map a bit, if I want to participate :p
16 Jan 2014, 22:57 PM
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I want to play too. I think if not many people are around this saturday, we should arrange another time. I would be into casting as well. I think Con, you (CieZ), and I would work well as a cast team... I don't think 3 is too many people, none of us are conversation hogs so it could work. Thanks for setting this up too.
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