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How-to: Abandoned vehicles in a custom map [OLD]

8 Nov 2014, 02:42 AM
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You may be using the wrong objects. I'm not sure which ones are designed for player control, I haven't ever added them.
8 Nov 2014, 05:12 AM
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Yah, I assigned them to the wrong team! They work now, but some of them do not work the way I intended.
16 Feb 2017, 16:08 PM
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Hey Guys, I know this thread is quiet old but maybe somebody is still hearing my desperate cry for help. XD

I've tried to place a bofors according to Yukiko's advice and it worked... nearly.

I used the code below in my mapname_ID.scar to place the bofors on marker 4 and it worked, but the Bofors can't be crewed. How can I tell this thing to take in some refugees. I would be very gratefull if somebody could help me out here.

function OnInitID()

-- [[ Markers ]]

mkr_4 = Marker_FromName("mkr_4","Ally Spawn")

-- [[ Squad Groups ]]

-- [[ Entity Groups ]]

Util_CreateEntities(nil, eg_bofors, EBP.BRITISH.BRIT_BOFORS_40MM_AUTOCANNON_MP, mkr_4, 1 )

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