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2v2 OKW review - 1440p60fps carrying a random teammate?

20 Jul 2022, 17:44 PM
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Hello :)

Link to my 1440p60fps - 2v2 OWK Replay to be critiqued

I might be new to the forums, but I am not new to RTS's and have been a big fan of company of heroes series and played countless online matches of both COH and COH2. I feel as though I have hit a wall on how to improve, specifically in team oriented games. I have played at least a hundred matches with each faction since I heard COH3 was coming soon and picked the game back up. I stream and make YT content already, mainly for Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris, but RTS's like this and Command and Conquer are engaging in a different type of way that I also enjoy greatly! To put in perspective, I have easily 5000 hours into RTS games alone as well as ~3000 hours of livestreamed Destiny gameplay, as well as other games. I am an engineer and a drummer, work more than full time and have a family and other obligations, but I would consider myself a GAMER xD, so I am looking for foundational criticisms, or perhaps meet knowledgable players who are interested in developing teamwork as we head into a new COH3 release as I don't have many friends that play COH. I would love to stream COH2 and eventually COH3 on twitch, but my audience doesn't know much about the game and perhaps having a teammate that I synergize well with and communicate well with could be an important step in my improvement. As a side note, I major in sustainable engineering (i.e. calculated risk, opportunistic aggression and pressure) playstyle, very analytical and strategically minded, but many times I end up misreading enemy build orders and don't know how I should have handled it more effectively, especially in team games.

Like I was saying, I feel as though I have hit a wall with my improvement and I would like someone to take a look at a normal game I played recently and constructively roast me. Maybe I am missing something with the usefulness of the replay files themselves, but I have recorded a 1440p60fps first person live view of my gameplay to critique instead, since I am already set up to do so. I feel like I am really unlucky with random teammates in the matchmaking and always have to outperform 2 opponents, but I also know I am a noob and could improve a lot from having someone take a look at my playstyle.

If I have made a mistake in formatting this replay review request, I appologize. This is my first forum post :) Thanks for your time!


20 Jul 2022, 20:05 PM
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I'm falling asleep at my desk so I don't have time to go over it all but I can point out a few things right away:

Your first engagement and capping the map you end up going into the middle, towards the enemy, with your sturmpioneer leading. Generally you'll want your lower DPS squads going first. In the early game as OKW, handling your sturmpioneers well will give you better results.

At around 3:34 your sturmpios are at two men and cap the VP. But both models are at about full HP and easily could've helped your nearer Volks squad win their engagement sooner and take less casualties. This early in the game, and vs a USF player, you're not going to get rushed by something that isn't there. No WC51, only a few infantry squads available for both players, etc.

At this same time, your more forward Volks squad is engaging an RE and Rifleman squad. For some reason you have your Volks focus on the RE, not the rifleman, and you're forced to retreat soon after as you're losing that engagement. You probably would've lost anyway if you did target the rifleman, but you're going to want to target the squad that's most effective at close range as its closing the distance. The REs are annoying but unless they've got some kind of upgrade and the riflemen don't you're going to want to target the riflemen.
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