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Soviet vs Oberkommando West

13 Jun 2022, 17:01 PM
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How easly can i kill the Falshrimjeager with 3-5 vet? They fast killing my penals so i fast lose. I need help pls.
14 Jun 2022, 07:26 AM
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1. don't let them get vet 3-5 in the first place by using cover and not fight engagements you can't win
2. use vehicles...they have no faust
3. if you went T1 (for penals), use a sniper...falls are expensive to reinforce
4. if you use penals, use cover + flamer.
14 Jun 2022, 12:54 PM
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If you can micro them well, snipers are rarely a bad idea against OKW, particularly if you know they have no access to JLI. Bleed those falls, or as Piwawsky says, use light vehicles to keep them under pressure.
17 Jun 2022, 15:52 PM
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OKW loses hard to a properly managed sniper. Go for t1 and build sniper after cons to have a good punch and surprise him. Start with this and work your way up.
17 Jun 2022, 16:07 PM
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You get Guards (and upgrade with their DP-28s) and these will beat Falls vet-for-vet. Or just use your sustained fire maxim to suppress the inevitable falls/volks blob. Penals will bleed very badly.
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