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Making APCBC-HE more player friendly

15 Dec 2021, 18:35 PM
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You are the one who brought up the 17pdr....

No I did not, I brought the only ability that is similar that happen to be available in 17p. This is about an ability and how it used and not about units. Can we avoid this "you said game" which is non constructive?

I have point out that a similar ability does not seem from the same behavior and thus it should plausible to fix.

In your first post you said to remove the preparation delay, which sounds like making it fire faster. You can write more carefully too

I suggest next time you are unsure about something that you ask for clarifications or simply state which part you agree with and which part you do not.

Starting balance discussion in a thread that has nothing to do with balance is non constructive.

(If you are looking for "secrets agendas" and "secret buffs" that is what you will find.)

15 Dec 2021, 18:58 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post15 Dec 2021, 18:35 PMVipper

(If you are looking for "secrets agendas" and "secret buffs" that is what you will find.)

Nobody was looking for anything. Calm down

You said that people weren't reading carefully enough, so I said you could've written more carefully too

Until you responded to LXs post it was very easy to see this as a buff. It isn't. Okay then
16 Dec 2021, 01:28 AM
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as far as I checked, APCBC ability is simple give JT new weapon - shell profile (?).JT cant track target through shotblocker by itself as intended. That why player need to directly click on target in order to fire the first shot, Pak 43, 17dpr is different unit with special mechanic.
Changing ability for more friendly user, I had to said no. It would let JT become A move pak 43 by reducing alot of mirco.

16 Dec 2021, 09:53 AM
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The argument that the suggested change will miraculously transform JT become to a mobile Pak 43 is simply silly.
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