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Installing Custom Maps for CoH1

17 Dec 2012, 22:17 PM
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If you want to install a custom map, the easiest way by far is using the program that Seb wrote for it.

Get it here

First time only
  • Download the custom_map_installer.zip using the above link, and extract (to any folder).
  • Launch GR_Maps.exe: it will search for your Company of Heroes folder, if it doesn't find it it will ask you to locate the folder. Typically, this is something like "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes". This location will be saved for future use.
  • When the folder has been located, it may ask to run with administrator privileges. Do so. It will set the right permissions and you'll be able to use it without admin rights.

General use
Run GR_maps.exe. A window with three tabs will appear.
Adding new maps:
  • Before adding the maps with the program, download the custom map you intend to install. It will have an *.sga extension.
  • Click the "Select new maps" button, find and select the *.sga map file. You can select more than one at the same time.
  • The selected maps will appear on the right. Click the "Put them in the game" button. This will copy those maps into the GR_Maps folder and it will add a reference to them in the RelicCoH.module. This allows you to play normally on that map; it will also allows you to record and watch replays - No special commands required.

Removing maps:
  • Simply click the "Select maps to remove" button and choose the map you wish to remove from the GR_Maps folder.
  • Click the "Remove them" button to remove the maps.

Removing everything:
  • Click the "Remove everything" button to remove all custom maps and the GR_maps folder from your Company of Heroes folder.

Note: Each time you remove or add a map, a backup of the RelicCoH.module is made and stored in the GR_Maps folder. The backups can be removed if you want; should problems arise, these backups will help you restore the settings.
18 Dec 2012, 05:16 AM
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Custom Maps

Argentan Crossroads

INFO: was originally based on two very successful 1v1 COH maps. One being Langres having a manpower point snaking through the center of the map dividing it and connecting vital points. The other being Semois having +10 fuel points accessible near your HQ but also being harass-able. Things are rapidly changing and the end product will create dynamic cutoffs throughout the game which will really illustrate the intense flow and gameplay in Company of Heroes. The end goal is to have a map that is playable at the tournament level. This map will be intended to replace Kurland Pocket as my primary custom map for 1v1.

GR Page [with Download]
Coh2.org Discussion Thread

Bois du Chatelet

GR Page [With Download]
Coh2.org Discussion Thread

If this post should fall out of date at any point please inform me and i will do my best to update it. I will also add more maps in due time. If you have any suggestions for maps or otherwise feel free to pm or contact in some way.

My thinking here for this is that if there is gonna be a guide on how to download a map downloader there should also be some custom maps that are easy to access for everyone to download. You (the dev/moderators) have my permission to do whatever you deem necessary. (though I may be sad as a result of such actions.:()
5 Jan 2014, 02:31 AM
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Okay, Installed and inserted The Fortress map but when I launch CoH, the map isn't there. What did I do wrong?
22 Jan 2014, 08:34 AM
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Okay, Installed and inserted The Fortress map but when I launch CoH, the map isn't there. What did I do wrong?

Nobody knows, I see. Pointless app then if you can't get dev support.
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