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More range for Jadgtinger

12 Jul 2021, 20:41 PM
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During the COH 2 Beta before the game launched. People complained about performance issues for the game and rather than fix the issues, Relic limited the population cap. They also did not have a heavy tank limit which stayed after launch so you often saw multiple IS-2s vs Tiger tanks in matches assuming you were able to deal with the immense lag at the time since they didn't have servers for multiplayer and it was P2P based.

100 pop cap is about perfect, it's more fun to manage a smaller army where every unit counts
12 Jul 2021, 21:04 PM
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100 pop cap is about perfect, it's more fun to manage a smaller army where every unit counts

I agree with you in the sense that every unit should count however Larger Popcap doesn't necessarily mean everyone will have 200 popcap. Look at USF for example. They can go over 100 pop cap and have been able too do so since they launched. Manpower and fuel would still be the limiting factor. Especially since the more units you have the less income you get and someone fielding a very large army would be very poor resource wise.

Also it would allow for better fine tuning/flexability as far as unit pop goes. Especially with Heavy Tanks. If Jadgtiger/Elephant had 50 pop cap for example it could justify them getting back some of the range that they used to have.
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