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SOV Land Lease is new meta?

Rate the commander in terms of 1v1
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6 Jul 2021, 11:31 AM
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The doctrine has a premium medium, the only proper HMG Soviets have access to and guards with nade assault, which is arguably one of the best grenade variants in the game. Everything else is a cherry on top, but those are still useful abilities, like infantry repair and Zis Truck.

Saw VonIvan using it on stream and tried it myself several times. Very fun and powerful commander in 1v1. While M4c lacks anti infantry capabilities of t34, having smoke on demand was very appreciated while playing SOV.

Although I still won't pick it as a team game option, even in 2v2.

What do you think?
6 Jul 2021, 12:52 PM
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It’s been meta since last patch in 1v1.
6 Jul 2021, 14:21 PM
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It’s been meta since last patch in 1v1.

According to stats, it is still behind Guard Motor, Airborne and Armored Assault. Yeah, its pick rate increased, but will see if it grows further then that. Seems like people are still sleeping on it, like it was with Airborne after its initial release.
15 Mar 2022, 00:42 AM
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Solid B, M4C Sherman is actually pretty good, nice AT capability and average towards killing infantry, goes nice with just about any build but can’t really hold its own.
DShKs are good, no better than maxims but still, can be good if you want to go for penals and have a light armor counter.

Naked cowboys are really fucking good, their ability of healing, the high model count, the survivability, the weapons etc. all is great. You can use them with SVTs to take infantry for afar, Thompsons to shred up close while still being capable from distance and cover, grenades are busted, and bazookas are average, but can be an nice pair with PTRSs and armor. They make me feel like I’m using commandos.

ZIS-6s are not good at all, especially because you can only bust yourself, but can be used to rush tec 4 and get tanks early and spamming them. Also getting munitions for days.

Infantry repair is just busted, really good and can get you out of sticky situations and bust your armor performance as well as your comrades.

Well-rounded doctrine, but lacks artillery and air strikes, trash, don’t use it, I love it.
15 Mar 2022, 15:59 PM
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It's a very good commander for sure.

Assault Guards and Sherman M4C are very good in general. M4C especially has the get out of jail smoke which is always handy, however lacks the firepower of T34.

DSHKA is very good, better than Maxim.

ZiS truck is excellent, but not team player. I like to help my team if I can.

Conscript repair amazing.

Definitely A territory. Could also be S territory if there was not Guard Motor and Shock Army (ie. if 180mm was nerfed kek).
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