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Infantry shooting direction explained

15 Jan 2021, 19:22 PM
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Hi folks,

I have two gameplay question you certainly can help to answer:

1. Does it matter in what direction normal infantry faces in the moment of contact?

Example 1: unit is moving North and suddenly an enemy unit appears behind. The unit stops and starts fighting. It seems that the individual men slowly turn towards the enemy and open fire with some little delay.

Example 2: unit A is chasing unit B. Unit A fires on the move as the target is obviously in front of them. What does unit B do? Can they shoot backwards while running in the opposite direction? Do they shoot with some malus? Do they shoot at all?

2. Lets assume I have an inf squad shooting a target 35m away. The line of sight is given. In between are obstacles like a car (a) , little stonewall (b) or a small hill/height (c). Visually I see some bullets going into those obstacles. Is this just cosmetic or does it decrease the damage efficiency?
15 Jan 2021, 19:27 PM
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Direction is important, models can't shoot backwards

for fire arms bullets obstacles does not matter, only cover bonuses, for the bigger projectile like tank zook mortar etc obstacle do matter as they have a physical projectile while fire arms are m
ore like hit scan
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