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16 Sep 2020, 04:03 AM
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I wonder Why do RELIC keep such people in game to stress and destroy healthy environment of other players' ingame

Segment 1:>>>>>

I don't understand why RELIC keep such players always in game while these NOOBS whereas don't know how to play at first and then after failing secure own game style,make excuses and then go for teamkilling with other players in 3vs3 and 4vs4 games.. Such here are the links of 2 videos of 2 matches>>>

The first video includes the EXTREME toxic player namely 'ROOSEVELT'S cat' who also happened to got a 'MULTIPLE V.A.C. BANS on steam. In that 3vs.3 match we won though(thanks to 'cohgamer' player this was like a 2vs3 effort whereas ROOSEVELT'S CAT literally played like 1vs1 in 3vs3 holding onto his ego. After getting totally wiped out by the opponent team,he starts making excuse and uses slangs to on us.He also warns us of going AFK and also to do teamkilling. I selected LUFTWAFFE commander.At point I called in a reconnaissance aircraft.Enemy opponent suddenly shot it down and it crashed on one of the 'ROOSEVELT'S CAT' STURMPIONEERS and they got killed accidentally. The most pathetic thing about this toxic useless player is that he instantly blames me that I killed his sturmpioneer squad and starts hitting my FLAK BASE by his Panzer 4 and eventually kills it(teamkilling) like a REPUGNANT BABY. After passing times with extreme lags and a toxic players stress on ourselves throughout the whole gameplay for about 30+ minutes, we(Renegade63 and Cohgamer) though won the game.

Here is the link of the profile of ROOSEVELT'S CAT:



The whole gameplay REPLAY file >>> ( For your complete judgement, you decide basing on how it looks at the time after 20 minutes).


The the part of TEAMKILLING uploaded to youtube(proof):

Segment 2:>>>>

Just like the previous one.But a bit different. This one directly went to the base and started hitting the HEADQUARTER in 3vs3 game play. This noob at first tells us to 'calm down' and then play in his own way like 1vs1 instead of co-ordinating. Suddenly his squads get wiped out and he never be even able to hold any VP and rather suddenly blames us for not assisting him within 20 seconds( What? do all the troops in coh2 game look like SUPERMAN that they are gonna fly to the target region instantly XD?). He suddenly moves to my base and starts hitting it to zero health.
This guy even got trolled for his toxicity in his steam profile by his fellow players.

His name is Fox.
His steam profile is>>



Toxic player Fox's Steam ID>>>

Video proof of teamkilling by Fox:


Whole gameplay replay proof:


Relic better should bane these players so that they no longer come to team games of 3vs3 and 4vs4 in such a masterpiece game of 'COMPANY OF HEROES 2' and they do not be ABLE TO SCAM and STRESS AROUND OTHER PEOPLE in game and also realizes his mistake that this is just a game and this is no place for RELEASING TOXICITY and ANGER ISSUE whimsically.( Otherwise healthy community code provided by coh2.org can be regarded as just a showpiece to convince people that it is getting maintained.)
16 Sep 2020, 04:56 AM
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Hi Renegade63.

Pls have a look at this link and use the email from there. Just put all your stuff in 2 Emails and they will get a ban.

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