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We need more mods.

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8 Nov 2019, 16:11 PM
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Title says it all.

Taxman getting away with hateful political stuff in shoutbox for over an hour now and no one does anything to it.

See his shoutbox stuff below
8 Nov 2019, 16:31 PM
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I think adding a report option to the shoutbox would also be helpful for moderation. Currently there is no way to to so and the shoutbox and it gets out hand often as of late.
8 Nov 2019, 16:34 PM
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taxman66: And it's hard to integrate well in a society when the media tells you to hate white people.
Today, 17:22 PM
taxman66: Bit different when you have someone who is into mutiliating female genitalia.
Today, 17:21 PM
taxman66: Theyre all Europeans though
Today, 17:21 PM
taxman66: And the police refused to investigate it because they were afraid of being called racist.
Today, 17:21 PM
taxman66: 1,000 British girls were raped by a Pakistani pedophile ring in one small county of the UK.
Today, 17:20 PM
taxman66: Because they don't integrate very well.
Today, 17:19 PM
taxman66: comm_ash doesn't understand things like the fact that Africans have a birthrate 5 times higher than Japanese.
Today, 17:18 PM
taxman66: I am only one person
Today, 17:17 PM
taxman66: Simply not true. It's cheaper to subsidise people to have more children than it is to bring in third worlders and teach them how not to rape women.
Today, 17:16 PM
taxman66: Why don't you think white people deserve to exist?
Today, 17:15 PM
taxman66: @steinernein Do you think it would be a problem if Japan became only 70% Japanese instead of 99% over 30 years if they start accepting waves of immigrants from Africa?
Today, 17:13 PM
taxman66: Why does Europe and the US have to accept non-white displacement? Why would you want to displace your own culture for another?
Today, 17:11 PM
taxman66: Fact is, US and Europe will be majority non white in the future, and you either are in denial or do not have a problem with it. All you can come up with are dumb platitudes like "we all bleed red".
Today, 17:09 PM
taxman66: Im glad we dont*
Today, 17:08 PM
taxman66: Lots of people also believe vaccines cause cancer and give you autism. Im glad he don't listen to popular opinions like that and like yours.
Today, 17:08 PM
taxman66: Do they provide any counter arguments, evidence, reason? No.
Today, 17:07 PM
taxman66: I think Lago, Stormjager and blvckdream should be banned for accusations of being a Nazi and a Stormfront member because I post a reputable research institutions paper.
Today, 17:06 PM
taxman66: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/10/11/how-income-varies-among-u-s-religious-groups/
Today, 17:05 PM
taxman66: And they have a vested interest in making sure America plays ball with Israeli interests.
Today, 17:02 PM
taxman66: Its no secret that a disproportionate amount of the top 1 % are jews.
Today, 17:02 PM
taxman66: Why can't a country chose the number of people they want to let in?
Today, 17:01 PM
taxman66: "demographically engineer" is a scary way of saying I want less immigration of non whites. lmao
Today, 17:01 PM
taxman66: Ban me cos I said the truth
Today, 17:00 PM
taxman66: What I have said is no different from anything you've said. I've just said what is right. Haven't broken any rules.
Today, 17:00 PM
taxman66: I'm not gonna get perm banned lmao
Today, 16:59 PM
taxman66: You know you have conceded defeat when you have to ban me, when you have to say im a nazi etc. when you cannot even challenge a single point adaquately. Imagine being dumb enough to be rekt by a nazi.
Today, 16:59 PM
taxman66: You have less animals to hunt, difficult to grow crops, so you have to store food somehow.
Today, 16:57 PM
taxman66: Europe gets to -20 degrees in winter.
Today, 16:56 PM
taxman66: Lago cannot understand basic evolutionary biology.
Today, 16:55 PM
taxman66: Those who couldnt survive Europe's harsh conditions, died off.
Today, 16:54 PM
taxman66: If you look at how African tribes live today, throughout the year, they experience stable sources of food.
Today, 16:53 PM
taxman66: Europeans are K selected, opting for lower birthrates and focusing on survival of tough environmental conditions which affect food, shelter etc.
Today, 16:52 PM
taxman66: Having higher birthrates per woman means you can safeguard your family and tribe from tropical diseases.
Today, 16:51 PM
taxman66: Africa had tropical diseases which would wipe out significant portions of their populations, which is why they have adopted an R selected evolutionary behaviour.
Today, 16:51 PM
blvckdream: mods please? is this stormfront or coh2.org ???
Today, 16:50 PM
taxman66: That is why they never had to invent anything to help their survival. That is why they are unable to.
Today, 16:50 PM
taxman66: They had a constant food source during the neolithic
Today, 16:49 PM
taxman66: 1.2 billion people live in Africa.
Today, 16:49 PM
taxman66: Africa is habitable though...
Today, 16:49 PM
taxman66: Lago, you don't need to invent clever ways of storing food for several maps, or tending to crops when you're a hunter gathered society like africans were in the neolithic
Today, 16:48 PM
taxman66: If i dump an African in Europe, he won't be creating the locamotive or the airplane.
Today, 16:47 PM
taxman66: You do realise Africa has some of the biggest oil and coal deposits in the world. Why not use that? They didnt invent shit.
Today, 16:46 PM
taxman66: still making mudhuts after thousands of years.
Today, 16:45 PM
taxman66: These people burn shit to cook their food.
Today, 16:45 PM
taxman66: Tell me what advanced technologies Africans have come up with, ill wait.
Today, 16:44 PM
taxman66: Give an African a fish, feed him for a day. Give an African an ipad, he will make ipads for a lifetime Lmao
Today, 16:43 PM
taxman66: Are you saying no african has seen an iphone?
Today, 16:43 PM
taxman66: So why can't Africans invent things like smartphones?
Today, 16:43 PM
taxman66: Neolithic societies did not have the internet, they could not SMS their friend 100 miles away about this cool new way of preparing, storing or farming food.
Today, 16:42 PM
taxman66: It takes innovation to provide food, shelter and security in harsh conditions.
Today, 16:42 PM
taxman66: You do realise European winters mean theres no food if you have no provisions, right?
Today, 16:41 PM
taxman66: You might be the stupidiest person I have ever spoken to.
Today, 16:41 PM
taxman66: Huh?
Today, 16:40 PM
taxman66: Those who cannot survive the winter, die.
Today, 16:40 PM
taxman66: IQs since these are the people who came up with technological advancements to develop advanced agriculture etc.
Today, 16:38 PM
taxman66: Blacks have an average IQ of 85 because Africa was resource abundent during the neolithic. Europe and Asia were difficult places to live. Winter brought hunger and harsh living conditions. Through natural selection, whites and asians have passed on higher
Today, 16:38 PM
taxman66: Whites have an average IQ of 100, asians 104, blacks 85
Today, 16:35 PM
taxman66: what studies are you talking about? IQ studies?
Today, 16:35 PM
taxman66: Education has nothing to do with IQ.
Today, 16:34 PM
aerafield: taxman and his Sturmfront webforum facts again
Today, 16:34 PM
taxman66: Europe is technologically advanced because white people have a higher average IQ than other races.
Today, 16:33 PM
taxman66: Geography and environment inform race.
Today, 16:33 PM
taxman66: Race informs culture.
Today, 16:32 PM
taxman66: How does that make them not white?
Today, 16:31 PM
taxman66: They established a nation, with its own unique culture, values etc.
Today, 16:30 PM
taxman66: The United States was established by whites though. The founders were white.
Today, 16:28 PM
taxman66: How is it eugenics to support the natives of your own country?
Today, 16:27 PM
taxman66: 80% white would be dope.
Today, 16:27 PM
taxman66: How about make America white again?
Today, 16:26 PM
taxman66: Hungarian-Serbian border wall erected a couple years ago reduced border crossings by 98%
Today, 16:26 PM
taxman66: Border walls are proven to work though.
Today, 16:24 PM
taxman66: Why is it that Israel attacked a US ship for several hours, killing dozens of its crew?
Today, 16:24 PM
taxman66: Why is it that Mossad agents set up recording devices prior to the 9/11 attacks and were seen dancing and cheering when the WTC came crashing down?
Today, 16:24 PM
taxman66: Why is it that the United States has to support Israel's racial purity policies when they're not even allowed to defend their own Southern Border from illegals?
Today, 16:23 PM
taxman66: United States ruling class is owned by the Jews.
Today, 16:22 PM
taxman66: The US has been involved in Israel's wars which have resulted in catastrophe for the United States. So pls stfu with this exerting power BS.
Today, 16:21 PM
taxman66: Because you get called an antisemite if you say Israel doesn't need foreign aid.
Today, 16:20 PM
taxman66: Israel is one of the top recipients of US aid, why?
Today, 16:19 PM
taxman66: Lol so can you exert some power over me? Give me billions of dollars.
Today, 16:17 PM
taxman66: US gives a huge amount of foreign aid to Israel, fights Israel's wars, despite Israel attacking a US Navy vessel and plotting false flag attacks on American, French and British targets in what is known as the Lavon Affair.
Today, 16:16 PM
taxman66: So Jews do not make a significant portion of the top one percent or not?
Today, 16:14 PM
taxman66: Why is that illuminati time? It's a well known fact
Today, 16:14 PM
taxman66: Btw you're forgetting that a significant, disproportionate amount of top 1% are Jewish.
Today, 16:13 PM
taxman66: Yeah its cos her opponent was orange, it has nothing to do with her being a corporate whore, promising regulations, bailouts and good deals.
Today, 16:12 PM
taxman66: Hillary's biggest donors were Wall Street firms btw. Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc.
Today, 16:10 PM
taxman66: Have you not ever heard of government lobbying? lol
Today, 16:09 PM
taxman66: They do, but even then, they don't need to.
Today, 16:09 PM
taxman66: If you're a larger company, you can afford to take the cost hit of regulations for the benefit of wiping out competition and consolidating market share.
Today, 16:08 PM
taxman66: Lol Wall Street didn't donate to Hillary? is that what you're going with???
Today, 16:08 PM
taxman66: If youre a smaller company you have less resources.
Today, 16:06 PM
taxman66: Why do you think big executives and their firms lobby for people like Hillary Clinton?
Today, 16:05 PM
taxman66: @Lago If you run a company that sells oil, you can eliminate your competition by pushing for environmental regulations which are disproportionately more costly for your competition than it is for you.
Today, 16:04 PM
taxman66: Why do you think the big health insurance executives were pushing for more regulation of the industry?
Today, 16:02 PM
taxman66: Of course they do, they can eliminate competition, consolidate their market share and secure lucrative deals by government regulation.
Today, 16:02 PM
taxman66: Why do you think the wealthiest people are the one who push for more regulations?
Today, 16:01 PM
taxman66: "deregulated". You do realise regulations benefit the wealthy?
Today, 16:00 PM
taxman66: Are you talking about that chosen tribe of [REDACTED]
Today, 15:58 PM
taxman66: Lago is a naive idiot. He needs a stick it note for his brain that says "out to lunch"
Today, 15:56 PM
taxman66: @Aphyria Maybe, maybe not. But when you're in a country with different people competing over resources, you're going to have conflict.
Today, 15:55 PM
taxman66: Fake monster: racism, bigotry.
Today, 15:55 PM
taxman66: Lago is the kind of person who would be preaching peace right up to the point where he is beheaded. I swear Lago has Saturday morning cartoons in his head.
Today, 15:53 PM
taxman66: @steinernein which one are you talking about?
Today, 15:52 PM
ullumulu: or neighbors kill each other or your teammate annoying you everday
Today, 15:52 PM
ullumulu: you dont need a large group of ppl to get fight about something. Even married ppl gets fight about senselss things. or even familys broke fast about stupid stuff.
Today, 15:51 PM
taxman66: Some of the black jury members in the OJ case have recently said that even though they believe him to be the murderer, would still give him a non-guilty verdict simply because he is black.
Today, 15:51 PM
taxman66: Yes, the study reaffirms the explicit bias of African Americans for their own race over their outgroup race (whites). If you don't believe me, why do you think blacks almost unanimously thought OJ Simpson should be not guilty, when the guy clearly murdered
Today, 15:49 PM
taxman66: Not many dindus in roman empire btw LUL
Today, 15:47 PM
taxman66: Roman Empire is a counterexample. Im not sure why you would bring that up, considering the Roman Empire had multicultural pressure which greatly contributed to its downfall.
Today, 15:45 PM
taxman66: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:4E0xv_39pv0J:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5619724/+&cd=14&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au&client=firefox-b-d
Today, 15:41 PM
taxman66: But a lot of black people don't think the same way you do. They have an ingroup preference to support other members of their own race.
Today, 15:38 PM
taxman66: Lago, so do you think that black people will love living with white people? There won't be any anti-white sentiment, despite anti-white hatred among blacks?
Today, 15:37 PM
taxman66: @Aphyria Brazil, South Africa, USA are the best examples of what can come from multiculturalism. Australia is more of a pluralist society at the moment.
Today, 15:35 PM
taxman66: So different christian denominations can't get along, but Muslims and Christians should definitely live together, nah no problems there. - Lago.
Today, 15:34 PM
taxman66: Australia is ~85% white though
Today, 15:34 PM
taxman66: Which country is that?
Today, 15:32 PM
taxman66: Multicultural societies always have cultural and racial conflict. Point to a country or empire that has thrived on multiracialism
Today, 15:31 PM
ullumulu: is it true that child rapping is actual a think in the muslim relegion? marry a 9 years old etc?
Today, 15:31 PM
taxman66: Stormjager would have said in 1960 it would be ridiculous to say that the US would be <65% white in 50 years
Today, 15:30 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger Yeah no shit
Today, 15:29 PM
taxman66: Race isn't about skin colour. Don't act like these people from the third world will be just like the native population.
Today, 15:29 PM
taxman66: @Aphyria This is just talking about muslims, but if you look at EU census records and demographic projections, some EU countries, namely France and Germany will be less than 60% white by the end of the century if the current rate of immigration continues.
Today, 15:27 PM
taxman66: This has happened in the United States. in the 1960s, the US was 85% white, now it is less than 65% white.
Today, 15:26 PM
taxman66: who have a dislike for them, who have no cultural, civil, or religious affinity to the native culture.
Today, 15:26 PM
taxman66: Non-white immigrants retain high birthrates despite being 3rd or 4th generation immigrants. Native whites have a birthrate that is just under the replacement rate. This is why this is concerning. Because whites will be outnumbered at some point, by people
Today, 15:25 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger It's not built on those two data points, it's built on the policies of EU countries which are continuing to bring in immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. It also has to do with birthrate projections from previous years.
Today, 15:24 PM
taxman66: It's like trying to calculate interest payment on an unfixed loan. There are scenarios where the interest increases over the period of the loan and times it decreases. Why do you not understand this?
Today, 15:21 PM
taxman66: There are non-white EU citizens, you know that right? And they have a higher birthrate than the native population.
Today, 15:20 PM
taxman66: 2 points which describe different policies. One where immigration continues at its current rate or if it increases.
Today, 15:19 PM
taxman66: How do they assume they are citizens?
Today, 15:19 PM
taxman66: Because you can't predict the future, so they provide a close estimate for if immigration stopped, immigration continued at its current rate, and if immigration increased.
Today, 15:18 PM
taxman66: https://ec.europa.eu/CensusHub2/query.do?step=selectHyperCube&qhc=false
Today, 15:13 PM
taxman66: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/11/29/5-facts-about-the-muslim-population-in-europe/
Today, 15:12 PM
taxman66: Here's a lefty news organisation saying the same thing lol
Today, 15:10 PM
taxman66: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/sep/03/race.world
Today, 15:09 PM
taxman66: @SneakEye No problem. Have you guys seen kimbo's new strat? You can find it on google, just search: USS Kimbo Incident.
Today, 15:07 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger They do not hold any position on any of the topics they talk about. They simply put forward the research on public policy.
Today, 15:05 PM
taxman66: The United States of America and Australia are countries founded by white people. They are both white colonies established by people of European ancestry.
Today, 15:05 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger Pew Research is highly respected amongst universities, the associated press and governments. You don't know what you're talking about.
Today, 15:02 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger What are you on about? How am i cherry picking?
Today, 15:00 PM
taxman66: White as in European/European origin. I guess the lines blur when you talk about middle east and early north africa but white generally refers to Caucasian
Today, 14:59 PM
taxman66: Pew Research Centre, government demographic research, immigration, birthrate projections
Today, 14:57 PM
taxman66: yeah bro cheap labour is sick bro, i mean, like some european countries are going to be less than 60% white by the end of the century but thats like sick bro. we get to have cheap labour
Today, 14:56 PM
taxman66: I guess it's extremist to say that white countries should be white.
Today, 14:54 PM
taxman66: Nah Israelis are great people. They have some seriously cool dance moves. If you don't believe me, google 9/11 Dancing Israelis. Great vid! I'm gonna visit Israel now!
Today, 14:51 PM
taxman66: @Stormjäger Unlike you I don't get my information from people's names who end in shekelbergsteinowitz LUL
Today, 14:50 PM
taxman66: @stom
Today, 14:49 PM
taxman66: Muslim immigration into Europe is well documentated, its not like no one knows about it.
Today, 14:45 PM
taxman66: Why do you have to live in another country to understand it's problems?
Today, 14:43 PM
taxman66: Or as they say in your native Netherlands, أنا أحب ذلك في مؤخرتي
Today, 14:43 PM
taxman66: Oy vey! He's breaking off the ZOG plantation, get him!!!
Today, 14:36 PM
taxman66: Anyone who isn't an ethno-masochist knows why that's bad
Today, 14:34 PM
taxman66: coom
Today, 14:26 PM
taxman66: It's cringe when a boomer starts copypasta memes
Today, 14:25 PM
taxman66: Imagine being a boomer and actively being involved in a computer game forum, a game which he doesn't even play. Peak Boomer.
Today, 14:21 PM
taxman66: Katitof: I've seen it, because I'm always around, so I remember it very well
Today, 14:20 PM
taxman66: Sounds pretty based and red-pilled though.
Today, 14:18 PM
taxman66: What was I saying, if you remember it so well? lol
Today, 14:17 PM
taxman66: Don't remember any neo nazi shit, but good luck spinning that one.
Today, 14:16 PM
taxman66: What neo nazi ideology are you talking about?
Today, 14:14 PM
taxman66: Aphyria newest Katitof account?
Today, 14:14 PM
taxman66: Lago probably one of Katitof's alts.
Today, 14:13 PM
taxman66: as pathetic as your playercard?
Today, 14:12 PM
taxman66: He uses his smurf account for that
Today, 14:11 PM
taxman66: Why not? 13,000 USF games. One for every forum post on .org LUL
Today, 14:11 PM
taxman66: https://www.coh2.org/ladders/playercard/steamid/76561198296657339 Katitof's playercard
Today, 14:04 PM
taxman66: ok boomer
Today, 14:03 PM
taxman66: get a job, boomer.
Today, 13:47 PM

8 Nov 2019, 16:34 PM
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I urge the mods to take action.
8 Nov 2019, 16:36 PM
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Posts: 1597

taxman66: They have higher crime rates than whites
Today, 17:28 PM
taxman66: If Muslims integrate so well into European culture, why did they commit terrorist attacks against them?
Today, 17:27 PM
taxman66: And their leader tells them to rape virgins to cure their aids.
Today, 17:26 PM
taxman66: You do realise ~35% of South African men are HIV positive.
Today, 17:26 PM
taxman66: You can already see the problems of multiculturalism
Today, 17:25 PM
taxman66: You do realise the previous South African president believed Aids was invented by white people. And that it can be cured by raping a virgin.
Today, 17:25 PM
taxman66: African muslim who has 4 wives and engages in public sex in the street, with aids has lots of shared values with europeans topkek
Today, 17:24 PM
taxman66: So you think Germans and Italians are just as different as Africans?
Today, 17:23 PM
taxman66: Europeans definitely have an overlapping sense of culture though.
Today, 17:23 PM
10 Nov 2019, 08:42 AM
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Action taken, thread closed.
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