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1v1 loss against wer

5 Nov 2019, 11:28 AM
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Hello friends.

Lost pretty bad on this one. Started okay but definitely fell from grace. ANY criticism would be appreciated and how to improve for next time.

8 Nov 2019, 21:20 PM
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Will take a look at this one.
8 Nov 2019, 23:24 PM
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So at the very beginning you tend to cap in order of the points you run into, which is fine. The downside of this is that you potentially forfeit the strongest points on the map by not rushing there. So it's all preference I suppose.

Major issue that persisted the entire game was you never tried to cap right side of the map. MAYBE everyone once every 10 minutes you'd send 1 squad over there but they'd just get forced away and you'd never go back. You were the south side player on arnhem, which means the right side is your natural fuel, and it much easier to hold than the left side. I suggest trying to hold that side, even if you don't though try and set up your lone combat engineer to go solo cap points by shift queueing a cap order so you can potentially get more territory for minimal effort. If your opponet has a force there then consider attacking and pushing him off with the rest of your army.

You lost control of mid very early to 2x MG42s and decided to go mortar. Good choice, I think a flamer on your engineer in addition to the mortar would've been helpful to clearing garrisons like your opponet.

If you see 2x 42 and 2x pio it should scream to you he's going Pgrens.

Didn't infiltrate the 1st guard squad, but did later on. Maybe just forgot about it the first time? Unsure.

Unsure why PPSH guards were used instead of DP28s. Arnhem is very negative cover and long range oriented map which makes it difficult for many CQC squads to close the gap. DP28s would've been more efficient from buildings and taking engagements.

You seem to be really passive with your pushes or are just unsure when to move up. You need to gain intelligence of enemy positions. Try using your mortar for flares and then making a push. infantry covers supports teams and support teams cover infantry. They need to work together inorder to push entrenched positions.

You didn't steal an MG42 when it was decrewed when you had a 6 man squad near it. A 6 man MG42 squad is one of scariest things an axis player can face. You should take 42s in 99% of all cases. Also didn't take a pschreck on the ground. Always grab that to deny it to your opponet as well as bolstered AT on your troops. I suggest CE or cons since CEs get good vet from it and cons have snares.

You always kept pushing left and taking territory but completely ignored your own cutoff, so you got no resources. Territory is important. Cutoffs are equally important.

Lost your t70 carelessly when you knew there was both a p4 and an ostwind on the field. Getting wipes is nice and all with the t70, but going for dives when there are 2 armor pieces on the field that can easily solo the t70 you need to be more reserved.

Didn't rebuy combat engineers near the end of the game when the su76 was damaged and therefore stayed damaged.

Not really sure what happened the last 10 minutes of the game. You like tried for an annihilation victory against your opponet? When he had a brumbar and a panther in your base. Secure your own territory and then take his away. You can't keep your troops alive if they have to retreat into a brumbar on your door step.

Hope these few tips helped.

Any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to ask!

9 Nov 2019, 02:14 AM
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+1 to everything ShadowLink said. I hope I can compliment his detailed reply with more general points.

Starting strategy - You clearly went into this game knowing what you wanted to do - get a bunch of svt cons and get a strong infantry lead. So commit to this strategy! Though the muni cost of molotovs is low, throwing a bunch of them delayed your svt upgrades, so you never managed to get that 4 SVT con army you wanted.

Battlefield tactics - your opponent managed to control the map with minimal units by employing the strategy of 'control the centre'. When you control the centre of the map, you can easily move units from side to side, pushing and countering armies efficiently. You didn't get centre control and your map presence ended up splintering as a result.

Reacting to your opponent - By 10 minutes you should have recognised that you were behind on map control/ fuel. A wipe on the pgren meant that you had a decent infantry army, so the next unit should have been SU76 not T70. When your opponent brought out his P4, he was able to snowball his advantage into a commanding position.

Good luck in your other games!
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