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by LoopDloop 6th January 2019, 20:18 PM
Langreskaya (4)
  • [00:00:07] Norsk: :)
  • [00:00:07] LoopDloop: ayy whats up
  • [00:00:13] Norsk: hey man, gl hf!
  • [00:00:24] LoopDloop: yeah gl hf to you too
  • [00:21:24] LoopDloop: what a fun and blanaced apility
  • [00:21:36] Norsk: YEAH SORRY
  • [00:21:41] Norsk: its broken
  • [00:21:44] LoopDloop: yeah
  • [00:35:57] Norsk: oh you can shoot down planes
  • [00:36:00] LoopDloop: ya
  • [00:36:00] Norsk: didnt know
  • [00:36:09] LoopDloop: ive had the flaktrack all game
  • [00:44:43] Norsk: gg wp man
  • [00:44:56] Norsk: im playing at my parents place with puddingty hardware lol
  • [00:45:01] Norsk: wp
  • [00:45:03] LoopDloop: yeah and the most op doc in the game tho
  • [00:45:04] Norsk: cya
  • [00:45:09] LoopDloop: gg wp
  • [00:45:10] Norsk: yeahits broken
  • [00:45:16] LoopDloop: shoulda spammed more jaegers mate
  • [00:45:21] LoopDloop: for real
  • [00:45:28] Norsk: yeah theuy snipe stuff
  • [00:45:33] LoopDloop: yeah
  • [00:45:37] Norsk: didnt want to spam actually
  • [00:45:40] LoopDloop: they have 115 accuracy on the g43 lol
  • [00:45:50] LoopDloop: but spamming the sector assault was ok?
  • [00:45:55] Norsk: yeah they're broken
  • [00:45:58] LoopDloop: yeah
  • [00:46:01] Norsk: well i had so much muni lol
  • [00:46:03] LoopDloop: entire doc is bullpudding
  • [00:46:04] Norsk: dont know whty
  • [00:46:07] LoopDloop: yeah cuz okw
  • [00:46:11] LoopDloop: all you need is stgs
  • [00:46:13] Norsk: yup
  • [00:46:15] LoopDloop: and then youre floating
  • [00:46:20] Norsk: yeah!
  • [00:46:27] Norsk: you played your tanks better than me
  • [00:46:31] LoopDloop: yeah
  • [00:46:35] Norsk: cya
  • [00:46:38] LoopDloop: even though they kept missing lol
  • [00:46:45] LoopDloop: gg wp cya
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6 Jan 2019, 20:18 PM
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So I just thought this would be a good showcase of how stupid overwatch is right now. Sidenote: this was coincidentally a guy I'm actually friends with and we just found each other in automatch, so no hard feelings for the player, just the doctrine. I ended up winning but mostly because of grave mistakes on his part and a little bit of luck on my side at the right time.

Pop sector assault and he's literally stuck in his base because it takes up almost a third of a 1v1 map, and if he was better with his lefh he probably could have picked off all my squads in my base/back line hiding from the bomber that refused to get shot down by the flaktrack half the time and I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. He ended up stealing my pack howie because there was no way in hell it was going to be able to escape the bomber even when I moved it pretty much immediately and the sector assault meant he could just waltz over and take it while I was stuck in my base. It also seems to cooldown pretty fast (way faster than p47s apparently) and he was able to spam it a lot somehow. His jaegers were doing work too, and if he had made a couple more he probably would have been able to just run me over.

TL; DR overwatch is a fucking slog to play against. If anyone has tips on how to better do so, please do share.
7 Jan 2019, 14:34 PM
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TL; DR overwatch is a fucking slog to play against. If anyone has tips on how to better do so, please do share.

Yup. JLI are just insanely broken ATM.

Playing as US, I've had most sucess using the mechanized and just go balls deep with the WC51 and just put on full pressure. I find that the WC51 is extremely stong against OKW in the early game and scales well into the late game if you can keep it alive. This way you might be able to get ahead and hope you can keep the snowball rolling.

Otherwise the JLI and sector assault will eat you alive.
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