russian armor


by Katitof 3rd September 2015, 20:28 PM
  • The British Forces flag Poomaster09
Kholodny Ferma (4)
Kholodny Ferma
  • Ostheer flag Katitoff
  • [00:00:11] Poomaster09: its the infimous one
  • [00:00:20] Katitoff: famous!
  • [00:00:32] Poomaster09: lol depending on who you ask
  • [00:00:39] Katitoff: :)
  • [00:03:44] Katitoff: gues i felt aslpeep
  • [00:09:20] Katitoff: yep
  • [00:09:26] Katitoff: osttrupen>tommmies
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3 Sep 2015, 20:28 PM
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That was a terrible game from me, I had shitty micro, I played like drunk(mmmmmmmmmmaybe just slightly, don't look at my base past 3rd minute), owned with osttruppen.

UKF is completely helpless against wehr, you can play like shit and still win effortlessly.

Also, look at the instance where my osttrupen own tommies hard 1v1 in short range and in cover.

British early game does not exist.
3 Sep 2015, 21:41 PM
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i see you are using your commander very often.
when youll play like drunk and shit and still win against actually good player ill take your comment seriously. in the meantime, katitof pls.

3 Sep 2015, 22:07 PM
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Good player won't magically have more menpower, shorter reinforce times and better damage profiles.
Tommies are loosing to a god damn OSTTRUPPEN in 1v1 engagements.

I'll get a game against better opponent and beat him, I'll upload it as well.

Brit early game is shit, just go and watch some streams, even pros are struggling against medicore players in 1v1.
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