russian armor

OKW Spec Ops Alt Build

by Bryan 26th December 2014, 23:10 PM
  • Soviets flag DonnieChan
Kholodny Ferma Winter (4)
Kholodny Ferma Winter
  • Oberkommando West flag Bryan
  • [00:00:27] Bryan: hey gl hf
  • [00:00:31] DonnieChan: u2
  • [00:00:49] DonnieChan: arent you the balance team?
  • [00:00:53] Bryan: nope
  • [00:01:00] Bryan: your thinking of brad I think
  • [00:01:06] DonnieChan: oh yeah lol
  • [00:04:14] DonnieChan: lol that jump
  • [00:27:41] Bryan: pathing
  • [00:28:36] DonnieChan: lol dont complain
  • [00:40:09] DonnieChan: oberblobs unbeatable
  • [00:40:11] DonnieChan: no gg
  • [00:40:16] Bryan: i went spec ops
  • [00:40:25] Bryan: how often u see that?
  • [00:40:30] DonnieChan: me
  • [00:40:32] DonnieChan: every time
  • [00:41:00] DonnieChan: you did nothing speacial
  • [00:41:04] DonnieChan: volx blob ober blob
  • [00:41:06] Bryan: meh, if u say so
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26 Dec 2014, 23:10 PM
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Spec Ops Commander with Flack Half Track/Infantry support gun//Flares/Command Panther, and eventually really late Obers to close the game out vs Soviet t2 play with Shock troops/ISU/t4.

Looking for feedback regarding the build more then the game itself, micro could have being much better, but Crimbo hangover and lag :p

The build is t2 and t1, with a call in command panther. Depending on the situation, t4 or a walking stuka/puma.

Also, not sure why opponent was moaning, t1+t2 and a command panther before I go t4. Obers have to come some day ;)

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